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Anal rape is funny

The other man wakes up as Nate is getting dressed. He knows Nate's name, but Nate hasn't a clue who this guy is. The guy is in his late thirties/early forties and looks like a typical muscle-bound "leather daddy" type. He asks Nate how he slept. Nate doesn't know, and tries to find a diplomatic way of asking if anything happened. Nothing happened, though I suspect it's not from lack of trying on Leather Daddy's part. He finally introduces himself as "Brick." Yeah, right. That's probably his amateur gay porn name. His real name is Norbert Ulrichson. Nate asks how he got there. "Brick" says that he and two other guys came up to party; Nate went through $2,000 worth of "Brick's" best cocaine, took some 'ludes, and fell asleep in his bed. I think what really happened is that "Brick" gave Nate drugs in the hopes that it would loosen him up and get him to put out, but he passed out instead. I mean, you don't just let somebody have your stash, do you? And who took off Nate's clothes? Nate goes to leave, but "Brick" bounds out of bed (wearing little black briefs) to stop him. He has a problem with Nate snacking him out of his smack, and wants some money back.

But enough of the drugs and gay sex -- let's see what Lillian is up to! She has stopped by Robert's office, and non-jokes that she "likes what [he's] done to the place" while staring at the wreckage. I think she must be used to her kids' tantrums by now. Probably because she's often the cause. Robert is angry that nobody saw fit to warn him further in advance that he wasn't getting the publisher position. Lillian tells Robert that she went into the meeting thinking that Robert was going to be named publisher, and didn't find out until afterwards why George changed his mind. Then her pants catch on fire. After spending a few seconds beating the flames out, Robert asks her what happened. Lillian says she doesn't want to stir things up. The office sprinklers go off as her pants burst into flame again. After the water puts the fire out, Lillian claims that Catherine went to George to lobby for Will as publisher, saying things like, "Will's more capable, more mature. [Robert] just wants power." She claims that Catherine brought up the sexual harassment situation. It's hard to see what's happening, as the office is full of smoke from Lillian's burning pants. But she does her best to blow it all right up Robert's ass. She points out that Catherine is essentially "Daddy's little girl," and though Robert and Catherine are close (how close, exactly?), Catherine would choose to support her husband over Robert. She concludes, "I'm sorry, sweetheart; it shouldn't have happened this way. It should have been you." The scene ends, and Lillian runs off to the burn ward.

Subplot Of Ick. Mason is standing in the shower and using his binoculars to watch Mona, the pretty teen next door. She's standing in front of the window, talking on the phone. She hangs up and starts unbuttoning her shirt. Does anybody really ever get undressed in front of an open window? I certainly don't. Meanwhile, Pilar is talking on the phone with a friend, in Spanish. Subtitles translate that Pilar is talking about how crazy Catherine is. The background music, by the way, features the Twin Peaks finger snapping of quirky wackiness. Mason continues to watch Mona, who has taken her shirt off and is now standing in front of her window in a bra. Whatever. Maybe I just have body issues, because I wouldn't stand in front of a window with my shirt off, and I'm a guy. Mason hears Pilar approaching and pulls back to hide in the tub, closing the curtain. Pilar tells her friend, "Remember, if you don't hear from me, call the police. I'm scared. I'm not joking." Heh. She turns around and pulls open the shower curtain. She and Mason both scream. Pilar starts hitting him and calling him a "dirty pervert kid" (so true) and harries him out of the room.

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