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Anal rape is funny

Upstairs, Lily confronts Catherine about the rumors that Meredith was last seen at the Greeley household before her mysterious disappearance. Catherine is annoyed that this whole issue has come up yet again. She dismisses the rumors, claiming that they're made up by spiteful people who are jealous of the family. Catherine accuses Lily of being hurtful by continually bringing up a painful chapter in her personal history. Lily tries to bring up Nate as the source of the info, but Catherine interrupts her, spitting out, "Your Uncle Nate is a drug addict, and hardly a credible source of information." Lily attempts to bring up Henry's recent appearance at the McMansion, but Catherine loses her temper and tells Lily that she has a lot of work to do and doesn't have time for Lily's "bizarre interrogations," and stalks off. Yes, there's a lot to be jealous of in this family. That's a nice armoire, for example.

At the offices of The Sun, Nate is having a private meeting with George. He tells George that he'll do anything George asks to get clean, but if he doesn't get $2,000 right now, "Brick" is going to "rip [him] a new one, for real." When I first heard this, I asked, "What does he mean, 'for real'?" So then they cut out to "Brick," standing in some hallway outside the office, wearing a tank top and black leather pants and the Queer as Folk music starts playing again out of nowhere, and I go, "Ohhhh." Now, see, if only the people who do anti-drug commercials were this creative. They're always doing that stupid crap about "the future" being somebody's anti-drug, showing their complete unawareness of the kind of attitude that causes people to use to begin with. They should have "anal rape is my anti-drug" commercials and stop handling the issue with kid gloves. Or does that sound like people are choosing rape as an alternative to drugs?

Anyway, we cut back to George and Nate (the dance music stops immediately), and George stupidly asks Nate why he can't get $2,000, so that Nate can remind the viewers that George has cut off all of Nate's sources of money. George prepares Nate for what's to come with a more metaphorical rape of Nate's sense of self-worth. He tells Nate that it was Lillian's idea to cut off the money in the hopes that he wouldn't kill himself and would move back home. Nate promises that he'll comply, but George doesn't care. He tells Nate that he's an embarrassment to the family, that he's lied to them and stolen from them, and that he's a "useless distraction." He tells Nate he doesn't care if he gets high and kills himself. George subscribes to the "tough shit" model of intervention, rather than the "tough love" one. He tells Nate he can have the money, but he wants Nate to live his "mockery of life" out of George's sight. Nate says, "I guess that's it," and gets up. He declines George's money and leaves. Maybe he realizes that somebody appraising his ass at a value of $2,000 isn't such a bad thing.

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