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Perhaps the third time will be the charm for Catherine. She wanders into the clothing store again, almost immediately catching the eye of the security guard. His smirk certainly marks him as potential Greeley-mate material. Catherine coyly grabs a dress and continues to make eye contact with him as she makes her way over to the dressing rooms. She goes in as the guard starts to wander over. Catherine hangs up the dress and brushes back her hair as she waits for him. She looks petrified. The man enters and pulls out his earpiece. He suavely unbuttons his sport coat as he walks over to Catherine. He has obviously done this before; perhaps this is just an additional customer service feature? I imagine the store must get quite a few bored, lonely trophy wives. They start making out. Catherine is frightened and tentative at first, but eventually starts pulling off his tie and shirt as they go at it. Good acting by Dana Delany. Everything she's been in since China Beach has kind of stunk, but she's really good with the non-verbal stuff here.

We get another attempt at an ironic transition. Jennie complains that she needs some excitement in her life, as we cut to her and Lily sitting on some bench. Jennie still won't give up on Nate, despite Lily's warning that he has a lot of problems. Jennie responds, "Good, that's what I want. Somebody warped, twisted, and revolting." Lily, just let her have him. Obviously, some people are capable of learning how hot the flames are only by sitting on the bonfire. Jennie begs for Nate's phone number again. Lily refuses again. When Jennie says she'll just go by where Nate lives (he must live near where they encountered him on the sidewalk previously), Lily tells him he won't be there because they're having another family (subplot development) dinner. Jennie begs Lily to invite her. Just then, Tom comes driving up in his crapmobile. Lily runs over to it as Henry climbs into the passenger side without opening the door, Dukes of Hazzard-style. She greets Henry and he introduces her to his brother. Lily says that Mom told her all about Phillip and she wants to tell Henry the scoop. Henry tells her that, unfortunately, he has to head off to work. She invites him over to the family dinner that evening. He's hesitant, but Tom eggs him on to go. Finally, he agrees. After Lily leaves, Tom teases Henry for being hesitant to go hang with a pretty girl.

Night falls on the McMansion. Robert arrives, bearing flowers for Catherine. He greets Pilar, but thinks that she's Rosa. Catherine corrects him. Robert greets Pilar loudly and poorly in Spanish. She ignores him. She'll spit in his gin and tonic later, no doubt. Robert and Catherine chat in the dining room. Catherine's worried about Nate; Robert promises to take care of it. Then Robert tells her that "Hell's frozen over," and that George is stepping down as publisher of The Sun and naming him as the successor at the end of the week. Catherine looks surprised, though I suspect the look on her face will be nothing compared to the look on Robert's once he hears the truth. Robert says that he always felt that George was just "tolerating" him, but obviously the man must respect him if he's going to name him publisher. Ouch. Okay, I feel a little bad for Robert. Yeah, he's a big, dumb thug, but George sounds like he's been stringing him along. Catherine rushes over and gives him a big hug. He picks her up and twirls her around like she's his girl and he hasn't seen her since he went off to war. More fodder for the incest thread.

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