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Do you know the McGuffin man?

Upstairs, Will is getting ready for bed. Catherine enters, having changed into some sexy black negligee. They start making out and sexing each other up. Will promises Catherine that he'll never hurt her again.

Cut to Nate driving Jennie home. Jennie is babbling away, trying to convince Nate that she's mature for her age. They stop at an intersection. A car pulls up behind them, and two guys jump out. As Nate and Jennie are talking, the two men walk up to the driver's side, pull Nate out, and start beating the crap out of him. Jennie freaks out and cries. What happened to the desire for twisted and warped men? After knocking Nate to the ground and kicking him a few times for good measure, the men take off. Nate gathers himself up, mouth bleeding, as an SUV rolls up beside him. It's Robert, who regards Nate with a stern glare before driving off.

Back in the house, Catherine lies awake in bed. Eventually she gets up and peeks in on Lily, who is fast asleep. We cut to downstairs, where Catherine sits in front of a fireplace with all of the stuff Henry gave Lily and the locket. She feeds all the news stories into the fire. Then she regards the locket calmly for a moment, winds the chain around it, and throws it into the fire as well. You just know that's going to backfire on her.

Next episode: Jayleen goes full-on Jerry Springer and calls Catherine to tell her all the horrible things Will has ever said about her. Lily asks Nate for more details about the night Phillip Parker died. Henry shows up at the McMansion to see Catherine, not Lily.

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