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Do you know the McGuffin man?

Cut to Jennie and Lily, driving up to an office building in Jennie's convertible to see Nate "Methadon't" Greeley sitting outside. He ambles up to their car to ask them what they're doing there. Lily lies that they were in the neighborhood and just wanted to stop by. Jennie flirts with Nate; Nate can't remember her name. Hee. Nate does remember that Jennie's parents are diplomats. Jennie saucily tells him that her parents are in Belize all the time. Nate nods at this; for some reason, I suspect he's thinking not of a potential booty call, but rather of a place to "party" without getting caught by the family. Lily asks what Nate's doing outside. He says he's "waiting for a friend." Yeah, he's bringing Nate some candy. Jennie, who is far too clueless for her own good, asks if he's waiting for his girlfriend. Perhaps I should have put her in the "Who's going to get murdered?" poll last episode. Just then, a wonderfully trashy flaming-red Pontiac Firebird parks nearby. Nate tells the girls he'll be right back. He goes over to the car, bitching at the driver for being late. While Jennie cluelessly calls Nate a "bad-ass," Lily watches as he buys what is clearly a packet of cocaine from the driver.

Later that evening, Lily is arguing with Jennie over the phone about Nate while she looks through her mom's old yearbook. Hee. Dana Delany's hair. Makes me laugh every time. Lily tries to get Jennie to drop her interest in Nate, pointing out that it would count as statutory rape. Jennie begs Lily to give her Nate's number, but she refuses, so Jennie hangs up on her.

Downstairs, Will has decided that since confessing to his affair to Catherine first thing in the morning didn't work out, he's going to set her down in front of a fireplace with some wine and try to make it all romantic or something. Or maybe just get her drunk. These guys have the fireplaces running all the time. They're in Southern California. That house must be hot as hell. Will broods, and Catherine looks distant. He takes a swig of wine and tries to figure out a way to blame Catherine for the affair while still being charming. He tells her that when he started the affair, he was "feeling shut-down and empty" (read: "Jayleen gave me blowjobs!"). Catherine asks him to stop for a moment. She grabs the wine and fills her glass up some more, takes a swig, affixes a fake smile on her face, and tells Will to continue. Ha! So cold. So very cold. I think Will ended up marrying the only woman on earth immune to his charms.

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