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After the commercials (what will it take for the women of Clairol to shut up?), Catherine is driving Mason and Lily somewhere. Mom asks Lily where she got all those articles she saw about the family. She tells Mom about Henry, which piques her interest. Catherine guesses that Lily likes Henry, and invites her to bring him over to a family dinner. Lily says that he won't come because he's "prejudiced against rich people." Catherine says that's because he hasn't meant their family yet. Then they both burst out laughing, because they know that one dinner with the Greeleys is likely to push Henry into becoming a Socialist revolutionary. Lily uses Catherine's previous "this family tends to cover things up" speech from before as a segue to tell Catherine that she thinks that Nate stole her bracelet last episode, and through a chain of circumstances, it ended up in his nasal cavity in powdered form.

Back at either Jimmy's or Beth's apartment, Beth is in bed, reading what looks like a children's coloring book on Judaism while Jimmy sleeps. Jimmy must belong to a fairly liberal sect of Judaism because he has a tattoo on his back, which I understand is a big no-no among the more orthodox followers. As Beth takes notes in the book, or possibly colors in a picture of a menorah, she gets a simpering voice-over where she says it's time to stand up for herself and she likes Jimmy and that should be all that matters. She breathlessly concludes, "I'm having sex with a Jew!" like that's some big mystical adventure. This is what passes for a "psycho soap opera"? Have they seen what goes on on the soaps these days? Beth better be wandering through the sex clubs of West Hollywood wearing a rubber wetsuit with the crotch cut out and a pierced clitoris by episode six if they're hoping to outskank the women of daytime.

At the offices of The Sun, George has called Robert in for a meeting. George asks Robert about his lunch with the board members, and about his "smart ideas" for the paper. Robert vaguely describes them as cost-cutting measures and ways "to liven things up around here." Yeah, that's going to go over well among the staff. I've never worked at a daily paper myself, but my understanding is that journalists regard ideas coming from the business side of the newspaper much in the way Pat Robertson might regard the Castro district in San Francisco. George tells Robert that "there's going to be some changes around here." He adds that he's called an executive meeting at the end of the week, and Robert will want to be there. Robert, oblivious to the stench of George's contempt that is filling up the room, smirks and says he'll be there. He also tells George that Catherine told him about Nate's continuing drug problem. George says he'll take care of it, but Robert wants to handle it. He says that Nate needs to be "scared straight," and blathers about being ready to take on the family business. George regards him with a cranky "yeah, right" look, but doesn't say anything. Robert leaves the office, then silently congratulates himself. Poor, dumb, smirking frat boy thug. For some reason, I'm imagining how hard it may have been to explain to Dan Quayle that he didn't get to be vice president anymore.

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