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Be Mine

Rebecca brings him to a cell back at Alcatraz. Do they have their own private ferry? A helicopter? Specially trained turbo-dolphins? The travel issues are even more glaring than on Fringe. "Why don't we just cut the cop-to-psychopath chitchat and you just tell me what you want," Rebecca says. At first he asks for his bombs back, but then he gets to what he really wants: "I want to know what happened to me." He says a week ago, he went to sleep on Alcatraz and then woke up in 2012 in a tomb. "Tell me how that's possible and I'll tell you anything you want to know," he says. So Rebecca goes back up to the Hub to go over Hauser's old files while Doc tells Petty about one of his theories. It involves quantum theory and a metaphor about waterbugs and perception. "You don't know what happened, do you?" Petty asks. "No," Doc admits. Meanwhile, Rebecca reads through Hauser's notes and realizes where he is. Not that he spelled it out, or anything. Rebecca just uses her insta-knowledge precocious brain and figures it out. Doc and Petty are still gabbing. That $651,000 Petty wanted amounts to the pension he feels he's owed. When it comes out that Doc wrote about Alcatraz, Petty wonders if Doc ever wrote about him. Doc admits he didn't, which just chaps Petty's ass. He goes on about how important he was. "The Warden said so himself," he sneers. "Him and his lady head-shrinker." That puzzles Doc, seeing as how there were no female doctors on Alcatraz. Rebecca interrupts before anyone can reveal anything important. Time to go to Sunset Beach -- fuel up the dolphins!

Flashback. Warden James and Lucy have a chat in one of Alcatraz's innumerable dark little rooms. She shows him the lyrics and explains how they reveal the locations of Petty's bombs. She doesn't know what the "twin tree" lyric means, but they're both confident the SFPD will figure it out. "Milton," the Warden says, "don't skulk out there like a common ferret." Dr. Beauregard, who's been waiting outside the door, comes inside. He seems like more of a skunk than a ferret, if you were choosing from the Musteloidea. At the Warden's urging, Dr. Beau grudgingly admits Lucy's work is "genius." He tries to skulk back out of the room, but she calls him back. She asks him about Tommy Madsen and his seemingly special blood. Dr. Beau warns her not to "overstep." Pure skunk.

Present. Rebecca and Doc find Hauser still standing on that mine. Rebecca grabs Petty from the backseat and points her gun at his head. "Walk me to him," she orders. "Doc, stay here and call Tanner." That's the guy previously known as Psycho.

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