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Perry White Is All Right

The dramatic bursting through double doors that can only happen at Lex's castle. "What the hell are you trying to do?" Lex demands -- not quite yelling, but loud -- as he walks past the psychiatrist and into his office. She tells Lex to calm down. "You've already made up your mind about my so-called 'mental state!'" Lex cries. He's quite manly when he's angry. The psychiatrist is refusing to sign off on his psychological release. Is psychological release what happens when you remember your mom used to burn you with the iron for not taping her favorite soap? Lex is mad that Unamused expects him to submit to more sessions. She responds that she has an ethical responsibility to report honestly. I wonder why Papa Luthor couldn't have found a less honest psychiatrist, but then I remember that Lex chose this woman himself. Lex accuses the psychiatrist of trying to make a name for herself by roping in a celebrity patient: "You must be loving this." Well, I sure am. Unamused says she took no pleasure in the results. In Lex himself, she did, of course. But not in the results. She says she thinks Lex needs help. She cites the island, the failed marriage, and everything that's happened in town. She says he's suffered incredible emotional and physical trauma. And not just about the buttocks. Lex yells that they just spent five sessions exploring his psyche. Doctor Unamused calls bullshit: they spent five sessions with Lex blabbing about art and expensive cars, everything but the juicy stuff. She warns Lex that if he doesn't let his demons out, they'll consume him. And they'll consider him tasty. She says he and she haven't scratched the surface. Lex looks frightened. Unamused says that the "control-freak thing" might fool Papa Luthor, but did Lex really think he could snow her? The snow machine sits in the corner, sad and unused. Lex tells her to get out. He yells it again for emphasis. Boy, is Lex scared now.

Kent Farm. "Morning, Clark!" Perry says sharply, sitting on some hay and greeting our hero as he carries over a bucket of feed. Perry says he was inspired by Clark to use the gift he's been given. Perry says he's finally found his story. Clark has already guessed that the story is himself. He plays like he thinks it's a joke. Perry says he has facts to back it up: the accident, the power lines, the tractor falling from the sky. Clark says he explained what happened. "'It fell off a truck.' That's not an explanation, that's a punchline," Perry says. Perry spent the morning digging through police records and newspapers. He's found Clark's sorry history. Perry calls Clark a hero. Clark responds that there's nothing special about him. But...but...your cheekbones! Those eyes! That torso! Perry says Clark's wrong: Clark is really strong, really fast, and shock-resistant. Perry wonders what other tricks Clark can do. MamaKent calls for Clark to give her a hand with something. Clark excuses himself. Perry calls out that he's been stonewalled by the best. "You can run but you --" Perry is cut off by Clark getting a sudden burst of speed and uncontrollably running away and into some trees. "-- can't hide," Perry finishes, watching in astonishment. Commercials.

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