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"Who Are You? Why Are You Here?"

JC visits his sugar daddy at the Library and tells him that Tillman left the club around 3:30. Bench says she showed up at work before sunrise, treated a twisted ankle, a heart attack, and a cut on a hand. She's only stopped to have a cup of coffee. JC says work isn't the only thing she's dedicated to: The doctor told him she's been at the club every night this week. Bench -- who, at this point in his Machine-creating, Number-following existence shouldn't be quite so incredulous -- marvels, "A double life?" JC confirms and says it's a dangerous one, since she's attracted the unwanted attention of Benton. About him: Bench's research shows he's an investment banker at Hudson Liberty Financial. He technically has no record, but there are a string of allegations for stalking, harassment, and sexual assault. But no charges. JC thinks the sexual predator's picked out Tillman as his next victim. So he breaks into Benton's apartment, of course. It's all decorated with pictures of Benton, plus his initials all over the place. JC says he "likes to mark his own territory." Then he notices there's a coffee canister, but no coffee maker. He looks inside, and finds cocaine. JC finishes downloading Benton's email and personal computer files and heads out.

NYPD. Detective Carter's hard at work these days on nothing other than obsessing about JC. She's watching the footage from last week's robbery, focusing on the part when JC pulled Bench up and whispered to him. She tells her cop friend that it's obvious that JC said something to Bench, and that Bench said something in return. She's going to question Bench, she says, but she thinks he's a paralegal named Burdett.

Bench and JC sort through Benton's computer, and find pictures of him with all sorts of women. Must be his conquests. However, none of them is Megan Tillman, and he's never researched her online or looked up her apartment or anything else that would connect them. JC says he's careful (but, if that were the case, why would he have pictures of all of his conquests on the computer, brainiac?). Bench has also dug up a sealed record from when he was in college. It's been expunged, though, so JC's going to ask for Fuscoe's help. Bench tells JC he's not comfortable with the relationship JC has with Fuscoe, who will sooner or later bite back. (Hint: That's foreshadowing.)

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