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"Who Are You? Why Are You Here?"

Fuscoe's playing what appears to be parking-lot hockey with his son when the ball rolls away and he heads off to shag it. That's when he's approached by some drug dealers who tell him he's on the hook for $1 million because the rest of the dirty cops are either missing or dead. Fuscoe's son asks his dad to come play, which gives the drug dealer a chance to threaten Fuscoe by telling him that if he brings the money in two days he'll be able to go home to son again.

JC's spying on Tillman at the club again, talking to Bench (or himself?) about what might be driving her to work eighty hours a week and then party the rest of them. Benton heads over to Tillman about then, and flirts with her. She introduces herself as Kate, but Benton gives his real name. JC asks Bench why she'd be using a fake name. Then he follows "Kate" and Benton as they walk out and down the street. They consider going elsewhere to hang out, but when Benton offers his place, she declines, since she has to work early. He doesn't get pushy about it at all; just leaves her alone. She, on the other hand, heads into a parking garage with JC close on her tail. She ends up across from Benton's apartment building, where she can snap pictures as he enters his door code. JC, stunned, tells Bench that Benton's not stalking the doctor; she's stalking him! There's a twist? Gasp!

That same sad voice that opened the episode once again says, "It's me. I know it's late. It was my fault. I know that now. I tried to put it out of my head, but I can't." Then Fuscoe's waiting, paranoid, when JC sneaks up. Fuscoe tells him not to sneak up on him when the Toreros are after him. JC says he spent a little time in Mexico. Fuscoe says these guys are the death squad; if you cross them, your head ends up in a bag. JC, ever sympathetic, "But you've already crossed them." And he'd like Andrew Benton's expunged record, please. Fuscoe has that, and the medical examiner's report. He won't give it to JC, though, unless he'll protect him from the Toreros. He says it's either them or him. JC says there are a lot of crooked cops in this town, and he could easily find one more useful than Fuscoe. He asks for the report, "please," but it's clearly a threat, so Fuscoe hands it over.

Back at the Library, JC and Bench go through the expunged record. Turns out Benton sexually assaulted a freshman at a fraternity rush party when he was a senior at NYU. The girl had a couple beers with him, and he slipped something in her drink. But she waited two days to report the assault, so the rape kit was inconclusive and the tox screen came back clean. She dropped the charges. And the kicker? The girl was Gabrielle Tillman, the doctor's sister, who overdosed on sleeping pills a year later. JC states the obvious: That's why the Machine spit out Tillman's number. She wants to murder Benton. JC says that she's a doctor who saves lives and doesn't know what it's like to take one. He says it will destroy her.

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