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"Who Are You? Why Are You Here?"

Carter shows up at a fancy house and knocks. Bench answers, and she talks to him, "Burdett," saying she'd like to talk about the robbery he witnessed. He says he got her call. They go inside and he talks paralegal mumbo-jumbo about why he was at the lockup that night. Carter notices Bench's limp and asks if he was injured during the robbery. He says it's an old injury, but the stress didn't help. She asks him to walk her through what happened. He does, though he leaves out the part where JC grabbed him and talked to him. Until she shows him a picture of them talking. He tells the truth at this point, telling her that JC told him to stop staring at him. She says most people's instinct is to look away, but he says he's never been accused of being like most people. She asks if he communicated with JC, and he says he asked him to let her go. She gets really pushy -- which seems an odd way to treat a witness -- until he tells her he was begging for his life, but can't remember the exact words he used since he was terrified. She asks him to give her a call if he remembers anything, promises him they'll catch this guy, and leaves.

Bench calls JC's cell phone as he watches some guy picking up a prostitute. He tells Bench that he's taking care of a side project while Tillman's working. Bench fills JC in on Carter's obsession with him, and says he needs to have a plan for when she catches up to him. JC says he's taking care of it, by making a new friend (the guy picking up the prostitute, I presume, since JC's snapping pictures of the deal) on the police force. He says the friend's going to help with their problems with Carter and Fuscoe.

JC follows Tillman after work to a support group of some type. When he sits down, a woman is crying and talking about being assaulted. Tillman gets teary and uncomfortable, and finally gets up and leaves. JC gets up and follows her to the coffee machine. He makes small talk with her about how coming to these groups should make him feel better, but it makes him worse. He asks if she knows that woman talking in there. She says no, but she knows someone like her. She asks why he's here, and he says he lost someone very close. She says she's sorry, and he goes on that not a day goes by when he doesn't think about what he might have done. Tillman says it took her years to piece together what happened with her "friend," and she thought she'd put it behind her. Until she saw him a month ago, out on a date at a French place. He looked content, and her world shattered. She chokes back tears and apologizes for telling him all this. He says everyone needs someone to talk to. He introduces himself as "John," and she says she's "Kate Leman."

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