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"Who Are You? Why Are You Here?"

Back at the Library, JC fills Bench in on Benton's M.O. He takes pictures with these women, gets them to do cocaine, then slips them a sedative and rapes them. In the morning they're too afraid to come forward and implicate themselves because of the cocaine. JC says Benton gets off on this, and he's not going to stop. He asks Bench if he got a hit on the name Kate Leman. There are three in the area, but two don't seem related. The third has a P.O. box a block from Tillman's hospital and recently signed rental agreements for a van and a vacation home in Montauk. JC checks out the vacation home and finds a closet full of lye. He tells Bench it's everything she'd need to dissolve the body for good. Bench says he'll refrain from asking how JC knows that. JC says Tillman planned this to a T, and is going to get away with it. Bench is beginning to think she should, but JC says she's not a killer and this will ruin her life. He has to find a way to make Benton disappear first.

Fuscoe's waiting outside an apartment door, a bundle of nerves, when JC shows up. Fuscoe's glad he's decided to help him, but warns him these guys are dangerous, so JC shouldn't leave any of them standing. Fuscoe asks if he should go cover the exits, but JC says he's good right here. They knock on the door, and the cartel lets what they think is Fuscoe in. They're watching a football game, and an announcer yells the longest "touchdown" in the world as JC punches out all the Toreros, takes their drugs, and heads out. Fuscoe can't believe it; he asks if JC's stealing from them. JC tells Fuscoe that if it makes him feel better, it's for a good cause. Then he approaches Benton in his parking garage and knocks him out. Next scene is Benton passed out in his car, with the airbag deployed and the horn honking. The cops arrive to find him passed out and crashed into a light pole with all the cartel cocaine in the seat next to him.

One scene later, JC's in the car with Fuscoe watching Benton be released already. JC wonders how this is possible, and Fuscoe chalks it up to money and expensive lawyers. Fuscoe asks what about the Toreros, who are going to come looking for him and their coke. JC tells him to make sure they don't find him, "Lionel." Fuscoe asks himself what's stopping him from making some noise and getting JC arrested right now. JC doesn't know; what is stopping him? Fearless, he gets out of the car.

Surveillance images as we get the sad-voiced girl again: "It's me. I know it's late. It was my fault. I know that now." At about this point, we see it's an old answering machine that Tillman's listening to while she packs a bag. "I tried to put it out of my head but I can't. I'm sorry, Meg. I should have been a better sister. Please, just forget I called. Forget all this." Tillman turns it off and looks sad. Then Bench tells JC that she's on the move (I assume the pager's a GPS). JC thought she was in the middle of a shift, and Bench says she was, but she went to take a nap and asked a nurse not to wake her. But now she's moving away from the hospital, headed toward Benton's loft. Bench tells JC to get there quickly.

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