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"Who Are You? Why Are You Here?"

But when JC hangs up and starts to walk that way, the Toreros surround him. He asks if they can do this later, but they're not much for waiting, so they punch him and drag him off. Meanwhile, Benton arrives home to find his key code already entered and his door unlocked. He wonders "What the hell?" but goes ahead and enters the apartment. (Word of advice: If this happens to you, call the cops to go in instead.) He shuts the door behind him, and we see Tillman hiding down a dark hall. He doesn't, though, so she manages to get him with a taser gun and knock him out. As she puts something else to knock him out for good in his nose, his eyes flutter so we know he's seen her. She's wearing latex gloves as she puts an oxygen mask over his face (though I'm guessing it's not pumping oxygen).

Bench calls out to JC, saying Tillman's been at Benton's loft for five minutes; where the hell is JC? Cut to a bag being removed from his head in what looks like the same apartment he found them in before. When JC looks around, he sees the Toreros and, of course, Fuscoe. He tells "Lionel" it's nice to see him again, and the Toreros explain that Fuscoe owes them a debt, and JC was a down payment. Fuscoe says it's a "win-win." Elsewhere, Tillman wheels Benton out to her chimo while all of New York City is apparently asleep. She closes the van door behind them and heads, presumably, toward Montauk.

Back with JC and the Toreros, one of them asks JC for their cocaine. JC says he knows the guy, who replies that he knows, then, that if you cross the Toreros, you lose your head. JC says he's sorry, but the guy says it's too late for apologies. JC says no, he's sorry that this guy's going to lose his head... then, in Spanish, he continues: "when your boss finds out you've been helping your rivals in the Gulf Cartel slaughter your boss's men. And his son." Another Torero asks if it's true, and the guy tells him to shut up, that JC's a liar. But the seed's clearly been more than planted. Enough to let JC jump up and, handcuffed, take them all out. Again. He grabs the gun, points it at the main guy, then tells him in Spanish that if he sees him again, he will lose his head." Fuscoe tells JC he had no choice; they were going to kill him. JC says he told him he's not the only dirty cop in town, and he called in a favor. He says it's time for a change of scenery, so Fuscoe will be doing something else for JC. "And, Lionel, don't do this again." I can safely say I'd rather cross the Mexican drug cartel than JC. He can pretty much ruin anyone. I'd love to see him up against Emily from Revenge. Now that would be a life-ruining battle for the ages.

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