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"Who Are You? Why Are You Here?"

Tillman stops her giant blue chimo van at a gas station/diner, and heads inside. There's a cop eating there, who she greets nervously. Then she asks the employee to fill her van. JC approaches her then, and says he thought that was her. She recognizes him from support group, but says she has to go. He startles her, though, by calling her "Megan." Then he whispers that the guy tied up in the back of her van can wait. She obviously has no choice but to follow him to a table. She's so jittery she can't pick up her coffee cup without clanking it against the saucer. JC tells her she's been smart and careful and probably wouldn't get caught, but the truth is she won't really be getting away from it. He tells her he knows all about Benton, and all about her. He says he knows she's spent years healing people, and that if she murders this man in cold blood, it will kill her. She asks if he was telling the truth when he told her he lost someone. He just looks at her. She asks how he can sit there and tell her not to do something that he knows he'd do, too. He says he's not her; he knows what happens when you take a life. You lose a part of yourself. "Not everything. Just the part that matters the most." She asks if that's what happened to him. He actually tears up and looks away.

But he shakes it off quickly and turns back to the topic at hand. He tells her she doesn't have to do this; she can turn around now. She says she can't, because he's seen her face. JC says he'll have a little talk with him and she can trust him. He asks for the keys to her van. She doesn't want him to walk free. What does she get? JC says she gets a second chance, to let go; she gets her life back. He asks what Gabrielle gets, and he says she gets to keep her memory of Megan. Only it's really the other way around, isn't it? Tillman doesn't get this. She asks who JC is, why is he here. He says he already told her that everyone needs someone to talk to. She gives him the keys and cries as he holds her hand over the table.

Bench asks JC where Tillman is. JC says she's fine; he has her van. And Benton. Bench asks what he's going to do, and JC says they're going to have a little talk. Then he asks Bench why he does this -- the numbers, all of it. Bench seems like he wants to tell JC, but instead he just says he has his reasons. He changes the subject and asks about their little problem with Detective Carter. JC says it's taken care of.

Fuscoe's being led into Carter's office, and he thanks the cop leading him there. The cop -- the same one who was picking up a prostitute earlier -- tells him to spare him that; he says he was told to leave him here and not ask questions, so that's what he's doing. But now he wants Fuscoe to call his friend and tell him to lose the pictures of him. He threatens Fuscoe that if he messes up here, he doesn't care who's protecting him; he'll see to it that he fries. He leaves, and Carter walks by. She makes small talk with Fuscoe about the picture of his kid, then he asks her about the lockup robbery, and she asks if he just transferred. They finally introduce themselves to each other, and he says it looks like she's stuck with him. She smiles.

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