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"Who Are You? Why Are You Here?"

Benton wakes up at the water. Looks like JC took him to the Montauk vacation rental after all. He looks out at the sailboats and happiness, then across the table he's sitting at. JC's across from him, and there's a gun on the table. Benton asks where he is, and says the woman in the loft tased him. JC says he told her to leave; she isn't cut out for this. "She fixes people. Not like us. We break 'em." Benton asks who JC is, but JC's not answering that for Benton of all people. Benton asks what JC's going to do to him, and JC says he honestly hasn't decided yet. He asks Benton if people ever really change. "I mean, you hurt innocent people. And I... well, I, for a long time, I killed people like you." Benton says this is a mistake; he's not who JC thinks. JC puts his hands by the gun, and Benton's like, "Okay. I've done some things. But I won't do it again." He asks JC to let him go, and JC says he could do that because he'll know JC's watching him for the rest of his life and would stop him if he hurt anyone. And maybe Benton could change, and so could JC. But the truth is people don't really change, do they? Benton nervously stutters that they can. He thinks he can, and he doesn't think JC's going to kill him because he can see inside that he's a good person, a good man. JC scoffs, "Good?" Then he gets sad and says he lost that part of himself a long time ago and isn't sure he can find it. He says maybe he's supposed to do what the good people can't, or maybe there are no good people, anyway, only good decisions. Benton tells him not to do something he'll regret, so JC asks what he thinks he'd regret more: letting Benton live, or letting him die. He puts his hands by the gun again, and tells Benton to help him make a good decision. The camera pans out to show them both and the view behind them. And... that's the end. So far, JC's only killed people when absolutely necessary, so I'm going to assume he doesn't kill Benton unless we learn otherwise.

Next week: A judge's child is kidnapped. The announcer wants us to think of Bench and JC as "two heroes" giving him hope. Inspirational music. JC tells the judge to trust him. I hope it's not as sappy as that looks.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, doesn't understand why a crime of the week needs a cliffhanger ending. You can contact her at

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