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The Undead

Finch and JC meet up on the street somewhere, and Finch queries JC about his research, which JC says was "inconclusive." So Finch fills him in on the latest number: It's a 15-year-old girl named Theresa Whitaker with some disciplinary trouble but basically a good kid. JC wants to know where to find her, and Finch leads him to a cemetery. He reiterates that this is a somewhat unique situation, because Theresa should be buried here with the rest of her family. They were all murdered two years ago. JC hams it up big time with, "So we're looking for a ghost?"

Surveillance footage and close-ups of the Machine (which is really more like a thousands machines, but now I'm just nitpicking). Then we're on camera footage from 2002. Finch -- sans limp -- is running on a treadmill when his friend comes in bearing whiskey and the news that they won another award. Their small talk makes it clear they work together, that Finch is the brains and the other guy is the face of the organization. Finch is watching the government machine surveillance on his cameras. He's still working on teaching the computers to track people. But he's about to move on to the next problem: how to sort out the terrorists from everyone else, by searching bank transactions, emails, etc. "Looking for people who are hiding something, living double lives." His friend says that sounds a lot like Finch. This project will take four or five more years to complete according to Finch.

Surveillance cameras bring us back to the present, where Finch is standing on a dock overlooking a waterway when JC joins him. Turns out this is the last place Theresa Whitaker was seen alive. Her father, Grant, took the family sailing and they never returned home. Grant was a real estate developer who was upside-down on fourteen properties after the market crash. The police declared their deaths a murder-suicide: Grant killed the wife and kids, then himself. All the bodies were found -- the parents and 18-year-old son -- except Theresa's. JC thinks "presumed dead" was a reasonable assumption. But Finch says the police see a lot less than the Machine. So if her number's come up, she's alive. But she won't be for long if the Machine is right. Finch tells JC they better find her, so JC heads to talk to his "friend" in the police department.

Though he doesn't treat Fuscoe all that much like a friend when he storms in and grabs him from the hall and pushes him against a wall. JC got into the station with Stills' badge, and he'd like a file from Fuscoe. Fuscoe says he's about a step from being sent up to jail, because "they think I'm dirty." JC matter-of-factly tells him that's because he is dirty, which is not JC's doing or concern. He wants to know about Theresa Whitaker and her two-year-old murder-suicide out in Bowery Bay.

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