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Finch updates JC on his situation with the aunt, and says the uncle's MIA. No answer on the cell phone, and no forwarding address. JC's been to every skate park in the city, but hasn't seen Deacon Page or Theresa yet. Of course, since it's his turn to have a scene, though, he sees Deacon right then. He bumps into Deacon, picks up the cell phone he drops, and flashes Stills' badge as he tells him skating isn't allowed in this park. He gives the phone back once he's finished pairing it with his. Deacon walks away and immediately sends a text to "T" that says "86'ed by NYPD. U need to bolt." JC knows she's close by and looks around until he sees a girl in a hood looking around after reading a text. He takes off after her, but when he catches up, she slices him with an Exacto knife. What skateboarding chick doesn't carry one of those? You never know when she might have a package to open.

Finch stiff-walks and limps, briefcase in hand, into an office building. Everyone greets him warmly as "Harold." One guy goes Office Space on him about his TPS reports or something (actually, about a database he's coding). When he gets to his cubicle, JC's sitting there waiting. He says it's not exactly what he expected: a cubicle software job, where JC found out in HR that he's worked for seventeen years. He wonders how many people know Finch owns the whole company. Finch says none of them. "The best place to hide, Mr. Reese, as you well know, is in plain sight." JC asks what happens if he speaks too loudly or says the wrong thing. Finch says he could overhaul the whole department, or reassign, promote or fire people. So JC says he'll make it quick: He lost Theresa, who has some trust issues. But JC found a card skimmers he left behind at the ATM, so they know how she's making a living. Finch says he can track her if she tries to sell them online. He's also looked into the uncle, who's hiding from a dozen different creditors, but he thinks they can track him down. He also plans to investigate Grant's finances much more closely. JC says that's a good idea, because this was a hit for, and he's going to investigate the shooter, by finding out where he can hire one himself. When JC leaves, a lady comes up and asks Finch who his friend is.

JC's in the back of Fuscoe's cop car. Fuscoe fills him in on how to hire a shooter at this area bar call Junior's. JC heads inside, then gets thrown out on the street by a couple of heavies. They tell him they don't want to see him around here again, so he heads back in and fighting and gunshots ensue. Fuscoe watches it all from across the street, then JC rejoins him in the car, says he got a name and is ready to go. Surveillance images put us inside a prison, where JC's on the phone with Finch. He's arranged a visit with a contract killer named Solnick, who supposedly murdered the family, then got locked up for another job. Solnick's not interested in talking to JC about the family he killed in Bowery Bay, so JC threatens him with telling the gang leader who lives in his cell block that he killed his brother. Solnick gets that JC's like him: a killer, a genuine bad guy. "Then I don't have to explain what happened to those people on that boat. You already know." What JC says he doesn't know is why he let Theresa live. Solnick says he wouldn't have killed her even if they'd paid him his quote. He doesn't kill kids. But he told her that if anyone ever knew she was alive, he'd finish the job. He says he told some guy on his cellblock the same thing last week when he asked about it (which might explain why Theresa's suddenly in trouble; Solnick's blabbing his mouth about her being alive). JC asks who hired him to do it, and he says "some guy I met one time. No names. Cash." He asks who hired JC. That seems to end the conversation.

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