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The Undead

JC calls Finch. They understand now why folks know Theresa's alive, but not why anyone's after her. Finch thinks he might have a lead. He's come across one real estate investment that Grant Whitaker wasn't the sole investor in (he was sole in all the others). He bought a couple properties with a holding company called Landale. JC wants the address; he's on his way.

Surveillance footage shows us the guy getting offered his usual rate on surveillance footage earlier in the episode roughing up Deacon Page. JC, meanwhile, is outside Landale scoping it out. Finch says the head of Landale is a guy named Calhoun. JC says he's got a lot of security for a real estate developer. Then he notices Derek in Landale, and wonders why he'd turn up here. Finch says it will have to wait, because Theresa's just tried to sell those credit card numbers. He tracks down the building where the IP address she's selling from is located. JC finds her in a laundromat, and tells her she got him good last time. She starts to run again, but he says he knows what happened to her family, and he's not going to let anyone hurt her. The guy who was just roughing up Deacon clearly got the information he needed, because he comes up behind JC and tells him he shouldn't lie to kids. He points a gun at her, but JC fights him. The bad guy seems to be winning, and throws JC out the front window of the place. But once his gun's retrained on Theresa, JC sits up and shoots him in the chest. He takes off after Theresa, as the guy sits up and pulls off his bulletproof vest. JC catches Theresa and asks if she's going to trust him now. She says she doesn't know him, but he tells her she's got to trust someone. Oh, really, JC? Who exactly do you trust? It seems the only person in his life is Finch, and he's been stalking him to find out what he's hiding.

Surveillance footage puts us in a hotel, where JC shows Theresa to her room and tells her she's safe here. He says he ordered her room service. Then he asks if she's ever seen the guy who attacked her before, or if she knows what happened to her family. She doesn't know. He wonders if it has anything to do with her uncle, Derek, and if that's why she didn't go to him. She says she doesn't trust him because, before that man put a bullet in her dad's head, he said it was Derek's fault. Finch knocks on the door and JC lets him in. He tells Finch he used his card to book this nice place, and Finch shrugs, "I guess I could use the miles." You mean they're going to get out of New York someday? JC introduces Finch to Theresa as Harold, and says he's going to stay here and keep her safe, while JC is "going to pay a man a visit." Finch and JC talk in the hall. Finch hacked Derek's cell phone account, and the GPS is active but he's not answering. JC knows Landale's involved, but still isn't sure why they're still coming after Theresa. Finch tells his boyfriend not to dawdle as he heads out.

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