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The Undead

Derek comes out of a bar and his cell phone rings. It says "Grant Whitaker" is calling. Derek drops his keys and says, "What the hell?" JC walks up then and asks if Derek doesn't want to talk to his dead brother. He pushes Derek into his truck, and says he'll drive. Meanwhile, the bad guy from the laundromat is tapping into a phone call Elizabeth's making to Derek. She's telling him about the insurance guy wanting to talk to him about Grant's assets coming out of probate. Bad guy establishes a wiretap and ends up getting Derek's number.

JC takes Derek out to Bowery Bay, and throws him into the mud. He asks him if he remembers this place, where they dumped his brother's family into the water like chum. Derek wonders what the hell JC's talking about. JC says he's talking business, about Landale Financial, where Derek was yesterday. He goes on that he's talking about that deal Grant made for Greenpoint, a bunch of land out in Brooklyn ruined by an oil spill. Derek says he tried to help Grant, and JC says he helped him right into an early grave with no will, which means the land goes into probate and then to Derek. Derek says he was trying to help Grant. He swore Greenpoint was going to be worth a lot of money, but he didn't have enough to cover the costs, so Derek told him he knew these guys, Landale. Grant swore it would be "a ten-bagger" (whatever that means), as soon as the government cleaned it up. But it took the government too long, and Landale wanted the money out immediately. So they killed the whole family. The only reason they didn't kill Derek was because he's administer of probate. He says the kicker is that Grant was right, and the government came through. So the property's worth forty or fifty times what they put into it. JC realizes that's why they're coming after Theresa. She's the legal heir. Derek asks what JC's talking about; she's dead. JC says she's alive, no thanks to him. If he'd come forward and cleared Grant's name, she might not have had to spend the last two years in hiding. I don't really get his logic here. If he'd come forward, wouldn't the risk be that Calhoun and his guys would kill Derek and Theresa?

Back in the hotel room, Finch tells Theresa he spoke with her aunt, who is a lovely person. He says he didn't tell her about Theresa being alive. "But she did mention how much she missed you." He says there's no changing what happened to her family, but she still does have someone out there who loves her. She asks what he knows, and he tells her knows what it's like to lose someone and feel the need to disappear. But, trust him, you don't want to leave people behind.

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