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Surveillance images cut us back to 2007, where Finch walks in and finds his business partner looking at the computer monitors. Disappointed, he asks Finch when he was going to tell him. Finch guesses he wasn't, because he'd rather he didn't know himself. His partner says he knew from this Machine that someone wanted to harm or kill all these people. "And you did nothing." Finch says they both knew what they were building: a Machine that looks for schemers and plotters. But the Machine doesn't know the difference between threats to national security and those that are irrelevant. His partner is disgusted at the use of the word "irrelevant," and asks Finch if he's trying to play God. He says he's not, but there are eight people in the world who know this Machine exists. If anyone else found out, there'd be such an outcry that they'd turn it off. He says the intelligence from the Machine has already foiled half a dozen terrorist plots. His partner asks how they are supposed to live with this, knowing they could save these people. Finch says they don't have to, because he's coding it to delete the irrelevant list every night. "We didn't build this to save somebody. We built it to save everybody." He shuts the monitors off.

JC calls Finch and fills him in on Greenpoint and what Landale's up to. JC says Calhoun's walking, and he's got to keep up with him. Finch says Theresa is too, and gets off the phone. He heads out into the hall and tells her he can't keep up with her, but sooner or later, she's going to have to trust someone. She thinks about it.

Derek's being tortured by the hired man. Derek says he can't kill him; they need him. The hit man says Derek's vastly overestimated his value, and asks one more time: "Where's the girl?" Derek tells him to kiss his ass, so the hit man kills him. JC, meanwhile, is watching Calhoun walking on the Greenpoint property with some other guy who's congratulating him on this wonderful piece of property, which the good people of Brooklyn deserve. Then there's Carter, who finds Derek's body with a picture of Theresa stuffed in his mouth.

Back at the hotel, Theresa has a few minutes alone and calls her aunt. The hit man stops on the street and checks the number. He picks up and listens as Elizabeth answers with a lot of "Hello" and "Who is this?" but no response on the other end. The number flashes on the hit man's screen, and he calls it right back. It's the Fenwick New York. He grins evilly.

Calhoun, meanwhile, is driving away from Greenpoint with a satisfied smile about whatever deal he just made with the other suit. But he looks up just in time to see a red dumptruck crash into the side of his car. JC steps out. This show has more and more shades of Batman in every scene, don't you think? From JC's Christian Bale-style whisper-growling to the truck crashes (not quite so spectacular as the truck flip scene in The Dark Knight, but still reminiscent). I'm not complaining, really. I actually sort of like that it's an homage. Finch and the Library are even thematically and aesthetically similar to Alfred and all Batman's lairs. Anyway, JC tells Calhoun he's sorry, but he really needs to watch where he's going. Calhoun's all, "Huh?" JC tells him to call off the dogs on Theresa Whitaker right now, but Calhoun says it's too late. JC tells Finch he's coming and to get off that floor right now. Finch tells Theresa they have to go, so the run out to the elevator, which is heading right toward their floor.

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