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They run back into their room as the hit man exits the elevator. Finch watches through the peephole and sees the hit man going for the fuse box to cut out the hall lights. He'll see the lights in their room, so Finch tells her to turn them off. She does, and they close the door to the adjoining room, where the lights are blazing. That's the room the hit man focuses on, of course. In their room, Theresa tells Finch she told him they should have left. He says she did, and he's sorry. He asks for her phone, as the hit man busts down the door. You can hear them talking, saying, "He's right outside the door" but it's coming through the hotel room phone. Nice diversion, actually. They're already in the hall, but the elevator's too slow. They head into the janitor closet, but the janitor elevator isn't quick enough. Finch tries to get her to take the fire escape, but she won't go without him (and he can't go down it). Apparently she's found someone she trusts. As the hit man aims his weapon at her, he gets shot from the other hall and falls down dead. It's obviously our Savior, JC.

Carter's phone rings. It's JC's whisper-growl on the other end. He says she's been asking a lot of questions and asks if she wants to meet. She does. So she show up in a park with a bunch of backup. She tells them all to be careful, because this guy's as dangerous as they get. She looks around and finds no one that looks like JC. Eventually she sees Theresa, and asks her what she's doing here. Theresa asks if she's Detective Carter, and says her friends told her she could trust her. Theresa, disappointed, takes Theresa in. Some other cops arrest Calhoun elsewhere in the city. Carter questions Theresa about what JC looks like. She won't speak. Carter says the hotel staff may have seen two people coming and going, and might there have been anyone else helping her. Theresa says it was a pretty traumatic experience, and lies that she doesn't remember much at all. Then her aunt Elizabeth comes in looking for her and they have a tearful reunion.

As Roisin Murphy tells us "You can't hide from the truth, because the truth is all there is," JC walks through Finch's office to his empty cubicle. A blonde woman asks him if he's looking for Harold. JC asks if he's taking another personal day, but she says he's gone. Some say he left, others say he was laid off. "He didn't even say goodbye." JC's phone rings. He answers and tells Finch that he was thinking they were getting a little closer, "Harold." Finch says he already told him he's a very private person, and he has his reasons. JC asks if he's ever going to tell him those reasons. As he walks out the front door of the office building with a box of goods from his desk, Finch says, "Don't call me, Mr. Reese. I'll call you." Uh, isn't that what just happened? I guess he's just being cute. He stops in the lobby to look at a statue of his business partner's head (I thought it was Finch's in the recaplet, but now I realize what actually happened) that says, "In loving memory. 1962-2010. The founder." So I guess we have that backstory to continue to delve into, in addition to what happened with JC's girlfriend, Jessica. Let's hope that keeps this from getting too bogged down in procedural territory.

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