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Fusco (whose name it turns out I've been spelling incorrectly, so I'm fixing that now) rifles through a folder on Carter's desk, but she comes in and nearly catches him. She notices her folders are out of order, so she starts grilling Fusco, saying she's heard rumors about him and that she likes to know what she's dealing with. He gets a text and tells her he's going to buy her a coffee since she's being so nice. He heads out to a coffee stand, and JC shows up behind him, praising him for coming when he's called. "Now if I could just train you to stop trying to kill me." Fusco wonders how long he has to work down here, because the commute's a bitch. JC says Fusco should feel grateful to be on the task force. "Plus, I let you live." He asks how close Carter's getting, and Fusco says he pissed off the wrong cop who's not going to stop until she finds him. JC leaves him the bullet for ballistics and tells him to find out if it's connected to a bunch of white guys with crew cuts and tattoos, one with long hair. JC asks about Amber Alerts, and Fusco gets interested in helping a missing kid. But JC just takes off while Fusco's talking.

Meanwhile, Bench has gotten into the cell phone company and finds out which block that cell phone was on every night. JC shows up and fights Crew Cut 1 in a stairway. Crew Cut 1 pulls a knife, but JC knocks him down the stairs. He calls Bench and fills him in. The guy's ID says his name is Turski, Leon Josef, "with an f," which is apparently enough for JC to know to rip the guy's shirt open and find a tattoo, which he recognizes immediately as belonging to a nasty Eastern European street gang called Szajka Pruszkow Dziewiec (or SP-9, as we'll be calling them). JC had dealings with them in his previous life, when they were trading guns for heroin with the Pashtun warlords. But they also run a kidnapping ring in Warsaw. JC says he just found their New York branch. He takes the unconscious Crew Cut to his car.

Carter shows up at the nanny's crime scene. She's been called because someone spotted her mystery guy, JC, leaving the crime scene two hours after her death. She doesn't think he killed the nanny, but she thinks he called 911. Carter asks what kind of work this girl does, which leads them to Judge Sam, who pretends to the cop that his son's upstairs playing, but says this explains why she didn't show up for work that day. Judge Sam heads back inside, and JC's there. Judge Sam cries about Christina's death, saying she was there when his wife died, and she was just a kid. JC says his son's okay as long as they need something from Judge Sam. But Judge Sam's sick of all the mystery. He asks who JC is, and he says all Judge Sam needs to know is that he knows how to deal with situations like this and that he knows how to be invisible, but the police don't. He asks if Judge Sam's heard of SP-9. He hasn't.

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