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The phone rings, and Judge Sam insists on hearing from his son. He does, but not for long before the kidnapper -- The Observer on a break from observing, apparently -- gets back on the line. He tells Judge Sam he doesn't want any money; he wants the judge's help. He tells him to throw a case in his court right now, The People Vs. Angela Markham. He says Markham walks or Sam Jr. dies. Judge Sam hangs up, totally confused that they'd care this much about a simple hit and run. JC says that simple hit and run has just become to the key to finding Sam Jr.

Judge Sam says Angela Markham's an account executive at a tech company who got drunk six weeks ago and hit a CPA on her way out. She's been charged with DWI and vehicular manslaughter. We see her, and that she's the woman who was on trial when JC was in the courtroom earlier, planting a video. Judge Sam asks what she has to do with his son, and JC says he doesn't know but it's not just Sam Jr.; they're planning to kill the judge too. Judge Sam asks where he's getting his information, and JC just says he has a source that's never wrong. He says these people can't be reasoned with, so he can't trust them. The trial resumes in thirty minutes, so JC tells Judge Sam to stall and look like he's cooperating, but to buy JC some time.

JC and Bench dig into SP-9 back at the library. They can't find any digital footprint, and they can't find how Angela Markham connects. JC's best guess is that she's sleeping with someone high up in the organization. He tells Bench to look into Angela, while he looks into the gang. Which is much more convenient when you have a gang member in your trunk, which JC does. He opens it up and tells Crew Cut 1 that the longest it's taken him to get someone to break is sixteen hours. Smirking, "You don't look like you're going to set a record." But the guy, tied up and taped, just yells at JC, so JC shuts him back in.

Carter and Fusco discuss the nanny crime scene, with a missing bullet, when Fusco's phone rings. It's JC, so Fusco slips away and tells JC that Carter's working this crime scene. He wonders if the nanny has to do with the missing kid, but JC says it's not his business. Fusco says JC needs all the help he can get; if he can ID the nanny killer, wouldn't it help him? JC says he'll give Fusco a way to contact him, so he can keep him posted. But then he doesn't give him a way to contact him. He just tells Fusco to keep Carter out of his way. Fusco heads back to Carter and finally gets helpful in trying to figure out the nanny killer's identity. And she's finally interested in his opinion.

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