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"Not Every Ex-Soldier Meets a Reclusive Billionaire"

Straub's in Coney Island filling Latimer in on the close call with the cops. He says that Joey and the new guy said to leave the money. Latimer's not pleased, and says they let him down. Straub promises to make it up to him, so Latimer gives him one more chance, and it's a big one. He tells him to keep an eye on the new guy, who he might need going in but not coming out. JC and Bench are listening, and Bench wants to wrap this up before someone gets killed. JC wants to talk to Joey first, to find out what his guilt trip is and try to cure him of it. Bench says it might be complicated. He's paid nearly $10,000 for the past four months into a savings plan for Amy Myles to go to college. JC says it must be his kid, but Bench says she's not. Her daddy was Frank Stephens, and was killed in Afghanistan, in the 107th, the same unit as Joey.

JC meets up with Joey in Coney Island. They discuss their next meet, which is coming up. JC says he understands Straub needs the money, but Joey doesn't. Joey says he already told him about his obligation. JC asks if he left someone behind, and Joey says it was his friend, who took his part on patrol and got killed. He tells him that this guy Frank went to guard a visiting politician for him, right after his girl had had a baby back home. Then an IED ripped him to pieces, and that became Joey's debt. He says Frank was going to give his girl money for college, and he would have. So now Joey's going to do it. Joey says he hasn't told anyone else, not even his girlfriend. JC tells Joey that he's still fighting the war, and his girlfriend's still waiting. Joey swears he'll be with her completely as soon as this is done. JC tells him to be with her now; don't do this job. But Joey says his friend got killed and he has to take care of her kid. It's a tale as old as time, folks: He's a bank robber with a heart of gold. I mean, they almost always have good reasons, right?

JC's eating at Pia's restaurant, and tells her she's even prettier than Joey said. He says he's an Army friend, just in New York for a few days. He tells her Joey's crazy about her, but she says all his friends know more than she does. She's starting to wonder if he's going to let her in, since she waited six years and it's like he's still there. Then she apologizes for crying all over the customers. JC tells her she's beautiful, and if Joey doesn't come to his senses, there are plenty of fish in the sea. But she says she's stuck; she's loved him since she was young, which is just the way it is. Bench asks if JC got anywhere with Joey, but he says he didn't, so they'll call the cops as soon as they find out what the next job is. Bench says JC did what he could, and JC agrees. But he's not exactly jumping for joy.

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