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"Not Every Ex-Soldier Meets a Reclusive Billionaire"

JC catches up with Straub and Joey and tells them Latimer set them up. Straub tells him not to pull that crap again. He finds the evidence box, and takes an envelope that says, "Elias, M." Straub turns, points his gun at JC, and says maybe he's the trap. JC awesomely pushes the gun down, and tells Straub if he points that thing at him again, JC will shoot him with it. He towers over Straub, too, which helps with the intimidation factor. They all run out, past Bench, who motions at JC to go on with them. JC tells Teddy, "Let's go," and they head out. The cop on the floor shoots at them on the way out, and gets Teddy in the leg. Just like in war, JC won't leave a man behind.

NYPD. Molina lets Carter know there's been a shooting at an evidence locker. Someone who saw four guys go in, heard shots, then saw four guys come out five minutes later called it in. Back on the street, Joey and JC help a hobbling Teddy as Straub runs ahead to the chimo van. JC tells Joey to take Teddy to the van, and he'll cover him. It seems like JC's making his get-away before they all get caught (or killed), but I'm confused why he doesn't keep at least Joey safe and with him. Straub opens the van, where Latimer's waiting inside. Straub gives him the envelope, and Latimer tells him he's a good soldier. Then he shoots him in the chest. All the others turn attentive. Latimer comes out gun blazing at the others. He shoots and kills Teddy. Joey tries to shoot back, but his weapon won't fire. He hides behind a car as JC pulls out the weapon he has stashed in the back of his pants. He shoots back at Latimer, who jumps back in the van, which speeds away. JC tells Joey that Latimer must have ground down the pins so his weapon wouldn't fire, then tells Joey they've got to run as sirens blare. Carter and Molina show up and find the two dead guys, one with one of the military radios on him.

On the other side of the building, JC tells Joey they'll be onto him as soon they ID Straub, and he's got to get out of the city. He tells him to go South or West, but he can't stay here. Joey says he can't leave with someone here, but JC gets urgent. He tells him if he stays here, he'll be looking at her from behind bars for twenty years. He tells her to call her and ask her to go with him. "She loves you, Joey. Just tell her it's going to be you and her now. Just you and her." Joey takes off, and Carter starts coming through on JC's radio. She asks if he can hear her, and says she thinks he can. She guesses he's out there, hiding in plain sight. She's on the same side of the building he's on now, looking around for him. She tells him she keeps looking for him, but finding herself in bad situations. He replies that she could always stop looking for him, but she says it's not an option. She says she has two more bodies now, and she doesn't think he killed them but she thinks he knows who did. He says he'll take care of him. She says he's playing a dangerous game, but he says he has his reasons. She's sure he does, but says every killer she locks up thinks he has reasons. And this is how this will end, she threatens, with her locking him up or finding him bleeding out somewhere. He grins and tells her he'll take his chances. You can actually see her on the steps in the background as he walks through the park and away.

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