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Now to wrap up the Carter storyline. She's arresting Stills' bad cop friend, who's trying to explain what went on, but she says she doesn't care about his crooked friend. She wants to know about the guy who came after them. He says it was just some guy alone, in a suit. She says he's going to tell him everything he doesn't know about him, and where he can find him. JC's standing nearby, watching and listening. She gets in the car with the bad guy as JC walks away. He stops to thoughtfully look around for cameras, and ends up looking quite strikingly into the Machine. Surveillance images cut back into a giant room full of drives. Most of the people being seen in the surveillance frame with JC -- including JC himself -- get little squares around their heads, then the words "NOT RELEVANT," which I guess means they're being deleted. Although the cut to the giant room of hard drives makes me think there might be something more ominous going on.

This is a really promising pilot, but I have a few lingering questions: If Finch only gets a list of Social Security numbers, how does he know every detail of what JC's been doing and thinking for so long? And if he knows so many details about JC, why did he wait until JC was arrested to step in and make him this job offer? Also, most of the show is from JC's perspective -- or so it seems: We know what he knows, see what he sees (or see what he hears sometimes) -- except a couple cuts back to Carter, which is probably why those seem so jarring. I know she's in the cast, but it would be more interesting if we only saw or heard from her when JC sees or hears from her -- like at the end. I also think keeping Finch holed up in the Library while JC gets to do all the action is a waste of Michael Emerson. I know he's not a super ninja or anything like JC, but surely he could do something in the field, too?

I would tell you what's happening on next week's episode, but the promo doesn't give me the remotest indication of that. But they do list Taraji P. Henson along with Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson. So at least someone's happy.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, hopes they scale back the crime-solving of the week and scale up the backstory and mysteries of our main characters. You can contact her at

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