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As soon as she's gone, a suit comes in and says he's here for his client, JC. Carter's in the lab learning from JC's fingerprints that he's been at half a dozen crime seasons and has open warrants in four different countries. Lab guy asks if she has the "Angel of Death" down there. Not exactly. (Technically, Jesus wasn't an angel.) Outside, the attorney leads JC to some other guys in suits. JC monotones (although it somehow sounds like overacting) that he appreciates the help, but would like to know who's picking up the tab. The suits tell him their employer would like a word, and he willingly gets in their car, just as Carter comes outside looking for him. Surveillance images focus on her, then on the car as it drives to a man standing under the 59th Street Bridge.

JC gets out of the car, and asks Ben Linus if he owes him money because he's running a little short at the moment. Ben Linus (who we'll pretend we already know is named Finch), calls JC "Mr. Reese," and asks him if that's the name he prefers to go by. He promises not to tell anyone about JC, and JC says he doesn't know anything about him. Finch says he knows "exactly everything about you." He knows about the work JC used to do for the government, the doubts he came to have about that work, that everyone -- including the government -- thinks JC is dead (which I'd buy except for the small fact of his fingerprints at the station and the four warrants out for his arrest). He also knows that JC's been trying to drink himself to death for the past few months, and has begun to consider more efficient ways to do it. I wonder which of the government's surveillance cameras allow him to see the contemplation inside JC's head... Anyway, knowledge isn't Finch's problem; doing something with it is. He says JC can call him "Mr. Finch," and he thinks they can help one another. He doesn't think JC needs a psychiatrist, a support group, or pills. He just needs a purpose; more specifically, a job. I wonder if he's here to hire him as a barista at Starbucks? That would be a different show.

They get out of a car on a busy New York street as Finch explains that someone is murdered in the city every eighteen hours. JC -- who seems to have a difficult time talking through his fake beard and moustache -- says you can't stop the bad things that happen every day. But Finch wonders: "What if you could?" He says you can't stop the things that happen in the heat of the moment, but what about the planned crimes? He says he has a list of people about to be involved in very bad situations: murders, kidnappings. Most of them have no idea anything's about to happen. They're just ordinary people. "Like her." He points to Natalie Zea, who's getting something from a food cart. Finch says her name is Diane Hansen. He doesn't know if she's victim or perpetrator; just that she's involved. He wants JC to follow her, find out what's going to happen, and stop it from happening. JC thinks Finch is a bored rich guy, and Diane's probably an ex-wife or someone he rode in an elevator with once. "Either way, I'm done." When Finch's suits try to stop him, he punches two of them out and strolls slowly away. Surveillance images remind us someone's always watching.

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