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Back at a way-too-nice hotel for a homeless dude, JC decides to shave (he must know he's about to be the star of a TV show and he wants to look the part), then he watches a story about himself -- an "unidentified man" despite the fingerprints and warrants? -- being a "person of interest" (get it?) in a number of crimes nationwide. Not to mention four international warrants. Because, really, they're not mentioned. He drinks himself into a flashback to that beautiful day with his beautiful blonde. But this time, she looks upset and he asks, "Jess, what's wrong?" Before we get any answers, his phone wakes him up. When he grabs for it, he realizes he's tethered to his bed, using what looks like a carnival unlimited ride bracelet. Not exactly handcuffs, but I'll admit those could be a pain in the ass to remove as a child. Unless you had something like scissors or a knife. Finch is on the other end of the line, telling him he needs to know what it's like to know someone is going to be murdered and not be able to do anything about it. He hangs up and a woman starts screaming and struggling one room over.

Finch frees himself from the carnival bracelet and breaks down the door into the next room to save the screaming woman. But he just finds Finch and an audiotape. Finch says that woman was killed by her husband in this room three years ago, so he's too late for that one. He can't save her, just like he can't save Jessica. "You were halfway around the world when she was killed." This enrages JC, and he pins Finch to the wall, asking what in the hell he knows about it. Finch says he left the government because they lied to him, but he never will. Finch thinks all JC's ever wanted to do was protect people. JC calms down and sits down. He looks at the recording, and knows it's an NSA or FISA recording, but he assumes Finch isn't government. Finch agrees, and says he can call him a concerned third party. He says JC couldn't have saved this woman, or his friend, but he could have if he'd known and that's what Finch is offering. He says it's not too late for Diane Hansen, so will JC help? It's time for the opening credits, so we'll have to wait out a commercial break to find out what he decides. I sure hope he chooses to help her, or this is going to be an awfully short-lived show.

Finch and JC are still together after the break, so he must have said yes. Phew. Finch takes JC to his lair, which is an old library that was bought by a bank that Finch controls. So, yes, he's very rich. Stopping murders is just his hobby. He can't afford janitorial service, though, judging by the books and pages scattered everywhere in this massive old building. Finch says the property technically doesn't exist, and JC says that Finch doesn't either; he did a little digging. Finch says he realizes there's a disparity between what they know about each other, but he wants JC to know he's a really private person. Finch gives JC his six fake IDs, credit cards, etc., "just like when you were at the agency." JC points out one difference: He knew then who was picking up the tab.

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