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Surveillance images give way to surveillance audio, and this flashback phone call: "Hi, Mom. It's Jessica. I'm just down in Mexico with 'Cindy,' and I'll be back tomorrow." She gets off the phone, and JC asks if he looks like a Cindy. She says it's only been six months, and she wishes this weekend could go on forever. He says it already has, since it's Tuesday. She says he has to go back to base soon, which she hates. We flash on his military jacket, which says "Special Forces, Ranger, Airborne." He tells her to ask him to quit, and he'll stay. So she does, and he says he already did. He just couldn't take the chance she wouldn't be here when he got back. They kiss, and she happily lays back and flips on the TV as he picks up the phone to call for more tequila. She sees the TV, though, and sits up, concentrating. He asks what's wrong, and she tells him something's happened in New York. It's two plane crashes. So said flashback is on Sept. 11, 2001. I'm not exactly sure of the significance of that day to them or him -- other than he quit his special forces job right before 9/11, which might not stick (plus, can you just "quit" the military? I didn't think that was how it worked).

Back in the present, JC watches and listens as Diane has an uncomfortable conversation with Wheeler. He asks her about Pope, but she's evasive and clearly wants to get away from him. So Finch thinks Diane might think Wheeler's involved. And Pope did tell Diane that the guys framing him were protected from on high. JC watches from across the street as Wheeler dashes to the nearest computer and pulls up a picture of Michael Pope. So Wheeler must be working the killers, and they need to get to Michael before someone else does. More surveillance images cut us to our next scene, outside a high school. JC is waiting when Michael comes out, but when he approaches him, Michael runs. JC chases him through the streets, catches up to him and tells him he has a message from his brother and he needs to come with him. Michael starts yelling at some nearby construction workers that JC's trying to take him into a taxicab. JC slips a cell phone into Michael's pack so they can track him.

Library. JC says he's going to need a lot more than a cell phone. Finch says he doesn't like firearms all that much. I really wish he were a little less Ben Linus, and a little more of a new character. Nothing against Ben, but I want to believe Michael Emerson can do another character. Anyway, JC doesn't like firearms either, but if someone has to have them, he'd rather it was himself. He looks up punk Anton from the subway, and then follows him and his punk friends into the back of a convenience store where they check out some guns. JC walks in and tells Anton it's good to see him again. Anton says he doesn't know him (and you can see why; JC really does clean up into quite a different-looking man). He takes a step toward the guns, and everyone in the room pulls a weapon on him. JC gives them a gun safety lesson by telling the kid next to him that holding his gun sideways makes it so he can't aim it and it will eject a shell casing right into his face. He grabs it, shoots it into the ceiling and says, "See?" Still holding the kid's gun and hand, he shoots every guy in the room in the leg except Anton. Then he clears out the weapons, whisper-talks that he'll hold onto these while they get some more practice, and wishes them a nice day. The gun dealer asks Anton who the hell that was.

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