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He wakes up in the back of a police car, with Fuscoe driving. Fuscoe says they're at Oyster Bay (which I missed in the recaplet viewing, and just said "desert"; clearly a bay is not a desert), where JC's going to spend "a long, long time." JC asks if there's a point Fuscoe knew he'd become a bad guy, and Fuscoe says he woke up one morning and realized he was being paid to guard a bunch of Wall Street crooks who were stealing more than his salary in an afternoon. JC doesn't believe him. He calls him by his first name, Lionel, and says he's been watching him. This gets Fuscoe's attention. He says Fuscoe's heart isn't really into it. Stills does it for money, but Fuscoe does it because he's loyal. "That's why I'm going to let you live." Fuscoe laughs heartily. JC doesn't crack a bit; just goes on that he's considering sticking around New York for a while, and could use someone on the inside. But he has a couple rules: If Fuscoe hurts anybody, JC will kill him. "I don't particularly like killing people, but I'm very good at it." And his second rule: Fuscoe has to be more careful. For example, search someone before putting them in the backseat of your car. He pulls the pin from a smallish bomb and rolls it under the seat. It goes off and the car flips. JC crawls out, then pulls Fuscoe out, too. He grabs Fuscoe's gun, then his keys to uncuff himself. He asks Fuscoe if he has his vest on. Fuscoe says he does, so JC shoots him four times in the back and walks off.

JC hotwires a car as he calls in to Finch to tell him Hansen wasn't the target, but the ringleader. And they're going after Wheeler tonight. Stills and another bad cop discuss Wheeler and the situation. Stills says they're taking the shooter out, with headshots, as soon as it's done. They pull an ex-con Wheeler put away out of the trunk and lead him into Wheeler's apartment building. Stills sends his bad cop friend to shut off the lobby lights, then calls another bad cop stationed by Wheeler's door, who says Wheeler's coming out now. And he's got his kid with him. Stills just says, "What a waste." Wheeler and his son get into the elevator. Stills tells the ex-con that he's about to kill a man and his son. The ex-con begs him not to do this. JC walks up to Stills' bad cop friend then and pulls a gun on him. He tells him to drop his weapon, so he does. Then JC shakes his head at Stills, who trains his gun on the ex-con now, instead of the elevator. They await the elevator at opposite sides of the lobby. Wheeler and his son, Henry, come out, and Henry drops his ball. It rolls toward JC, who stops it with his foot, then smiles at Henry when he comes over to pick it up. Henry doesn't notice the guy he's holding with a gun to his head, so he smiles back.

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