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Wheeler and Henry are gone now, so Stills tries to make his move with the ex-con, but JC steps in front of him, with the other cop still in tow. JC tells Stills to let the ex-con go, but Stills says he can't do that, or he and his friends will go to jail. The other cop from the apartment comes into the lobby, and JC shoots him in the leg. He lets the cop he's hanging onto go, and tells him to take his friend to the hospital. He follows orders. JC trains the gun on Stills, who threatens JC that he'll kill him and the ex-con and make it look like they killed each other. "Then, just because you pissed me off, I'm gonna kill your family. And all your friends." JC says he doesn't have any family or friends. He says he went around the world looking for bad guys, but there were plenty of them right here along. We cut outside the building and see the flash of a gunshot or two. The ex-con runs out. Surveillance images.

In court, Hansen's not paying much attention to the case she's prosecuting with Wheeler. Instead she's texting Stills, asking where he is. The judge calls her up, and she gets back on task, saying they'll have the defendant tell in her own words with a 911 call she made. She hits play on the evidence recorder, and hears herself telling Stills to take care of Wheeler tonight, and that she won't let this touch her. He's a pretty smart cookie to have worn a recorder into that alley, don't you think? (Because I'm not buying this could have come from the machine if all they can get out are Social Security numbers.) She looks around, and sees JC standing in the back of the courtroom. She full-on panics as he walks out. Then JC pays a visit to Fuscoe, who tries to say he's no good to JC since it's just a matter of time before the gangs or IA get him. JC says he took care of it so no one knows Fuscoe was involved. He says they'll be too busy looking for Stills, since the police will think he ran and the gangs will think he's in witness protection. Fuscoe asks where he is, and JC says he's in the trunk and he shot him with Fuscoe's gun. So Fuscoe will be taking another trip, and JC's not coming along this time. He tells Fuscoe to take him to Oyster Bay, where no one will find him for "a long, long time." He tells Fuscoe he'll be in touch and hops out of the car. Fuscoe starts it up for his long, laborious journey to Oyster Bay.

JC finds Finch sitting under a bridge. Finch says JC has a decision to make, and JC wonders if the machine gave him another number. Finch says the numbers never stop coming; JC should know that upfront. Or, you know, if not upfront, after you've already completed one salvation mission. JC asks why him, and Finch says they have a lot more in common than he might think. The world thinks they're both dead, for starters. JC asks Finch what changed his mind about the irrelevant numbers in the first place. Finch says JC's not the only one who's lost someone. Then he tells JC that if he wants to leave, he'll give him enough money to get far way and start over. And what if JC stays? Finch says one or both of them will probably wind up dead. Actually dead. "I said I'd tell you the truth. I didn't say you'd like it."

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