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As the Russians organize out front, JC takes a side entrance and winds up in Burton's place just as he puts on a kettle to make some tea. He immediately assumes JC's one of the Russian mobsters, but JC reminds him that JC's standing right there and Burton's still alive. So Burton follows JC down the hall just in the nick of time. The Russians burst in to Burton's place as the teakettle starts to whistle. JC helps Burton out the side entrance, manhandling a Russian guard on the way. JC's iPhone got smashed in the fight, so he doesn't have one to get help from Bench. And Burton doesn't have one because he doesn't believe in them. They sit in a car, which JC takes forever to hotwire (mostly because they're chit-chatting), so the Russians come around the corner and start shooting. Burton gets shot in the shoulder, so JC leads him into a scary building called "The Double B's" that even the Russians won't go into.

They pass some guys cooking meth on the way in, and Burton's like, "See?!" JC refrains from returning that with a "See?! How you're still alive?" They head upstairs into a green-lit room with holes in every wall. Burton thinks this is crazy and really wants to know who JC is. JC just says he helps people, and Burton needs help. He checks out the wound; the bullet went straight through but he'd still like to get it cleaned up. First, though, he wants to know everything about the men Burton saw at the bodega. "I guess I like to know a little about the guys who are shooting at me." Burton says he stopped at the store on his way home -- he worked late, grading papers -- then he saw the guys with guns. They had masks on, though one guy lifted his, like he wanted the victim to see it. Then Burton tells JC the victim told him he had a message for someone named Elias, but he doesn't know any Elias (this whole scenario rings false to me, knowing how this ends, because why would he make this part up -- and cite the name "Elias"?) Burton says the message was something about Vinnie, who was going to finish the job for him. JC asks why Burton didn't go to the cops, but JC says the cops in this neighborhood are pretty corrupt, so he doesn't know who to trust. JC says he'll get him to a detective he can trust. Burton says he'll keep his mouth shut, because if he testifies he can't come back here and this is his home. He says he can't leave his students, who need him. JC tells him his name is John, and they shake hands as Burton thanks him for saving his ass.

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