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Unusual Suspects

NYPD. Carter and Szymanski question Peter, and she says he's on camera, plus witnesses say he and his brother were shooting up the streets in Brighton Beach. She tells him she knows Elias killed his uncle, and that he and his father and brother (is Laszlo his brother?) went to the bodega for revenge and killed Benny, the next best thing to Elias. She says that now he's trying to rub out the witness, who saw his father's face. Peter tells her they'd heard from a source that Elias was supposed to be at the bodega to meet Benny, but when they showed up they only saw Benny. The owner called and told them there was another guy.

Cut back to the boat, where Laszlo asks if JC's a corrupt cop or what. He wonders what kind of guy takes money to protect a scumbag like "your boss here." He asks JC if he really thinks he's going to testify after everything he's done. "He's tearing the town apart!" JC asks what he's talking about, and walks toward Laszlo, who realizes JC doesn't know who Burton is, or what he's capable of.

Back at NYPD, Peter tells Carter she doesn't get it. "You honestly think we'd go to all this trouble for a witness." Boat. Laszlo says JC's in the middle of a situation he doesn't understand. Burton (or whoever he is, JC's thinking) pulls a gun on JC and tells him not to make him shoot him. He tells him to drop his gun and kick it to him. JC shakes his head, ashamed and disappointed in himself. But here's what I don't get: Why doesn't he turn and kick his ass. We can see Burton's a bit of a soft guy compared to some of the other ARMED MEN JC's taken out, right? So why back down now? But JC does what Burton says, although he does it with a little of his trademark snark: "I thought you didn't like guns?" Burton says sometimes you have to do things you don't like. JC: "Like teaching history to the children of your enemies?" He turns and looks at Burton, who says that he watched those kids for three years, which was a good amount of time to learn about your enemies, what makes them tick. He tells Laszlo that he learned all about the secrets he and his family tried to hide from their own flesh and blood. "Your children hate you almost as much as I do." He tells JC to tie himself to the railing, nice and tight, since he knows how capable he is of getting out of tough situations. JC realizes Burton ... oh, what the hell, I'll just call him who we all know he is now: Elias was meeting Benny at the bodega that day, and Elias says the benefit of no one knowing what he looks like is probably gone now. "It's time to evolve. I'm ready for the next step."

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