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Immediately after Tribal, the guys on the Fans tribe all agree that they made the right move in getting rid of Laura and this could be the turning point for their tribe. Reynold and Eddie are obviously like, "It was awesome!" Sherri isn't so sure, but she goes along to get along. Reynold says that he hopes getting rid of the Idol will mean better tribe unity. Yeah, I'm sure that will happen. Reynold interviews that he decided to use the Idol so that he could speak his mind at Tribal and tell everyone that they're worthless and the tribe needs him for challenges. Did he say all that? Also, did he forget that, even though he stayed, they may very well be back at Tribal again before a merge? Speaking your mind on this show seems like a terrible idea. That's what the bitter jury questions are all about -- that's when you get to finally speak your mind. That's why they're all so bitter.

They all discuss how -- now that the Idol has been played -- it will be put back into circulation first thing in the morning. They all joke about how the first person to wake up will have an advantage. Michael interviews that Reynold is great at challenges and he's handy around camp, so Reynold getting the Idol again would be one advantage too many.

That same night, the Favorites are hanging out around the campfire, talking. Well, Brandon is talking and everyone else is wishing Brandon would stop talking. Mostly about how much he loves and misses his family. Brandon interviews that he started thinking about his wife and kids and how he left them at home to play a game, and he feels like he's being selfish. Brandon tells the others that his kids don't know what's going on other than that he's gone. Which are valid concerns, but it's not like he hasn't done this before. Unlike the first-timers, he knew exactly what he was getting into. Anyway, Brandon tells everyone that he's volunteering to be voted out of the game if they go to Tribal. He says this like he's doing everyone a favor, but Malcolm interviews that Brandon might want to think about how his actions affect the others before making proclamations to the entire tribe. I don't really get why Malcolm is so upset. I guess he's counting on Brandon's vote post-merge?

Brandon goes on to tell everyone that he thought about setting the shelter on fire and peeing in the beans and rice. What do you say to that? That it's okay to have thoughts that you keep inside your head and save for yourself? Everyone is just like, "I'm glad you didn't... question mark?" Brandon says he's sorry, but doesn't seem to realize what a freaking bizarre idea that was. Did he think everyone would say, "Hey, I've had that same thought!" No one has. No one had that thought, Brandon. You need help. Corinne interviews that hearing Brandon's thoughts makes her want to get rid of him immediately, because Brandon is "spinning out of control" and they don't know what he'll do. Agreed.

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