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Spy Games
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Nikita doesn't tell us this week that Percy's last word will be her name. Instead, we jump right into the story. It's night. A young, somewhat mousy woman walks into her Washington, DC home. Across the street, a man watches her, his face hidden by the hood of his sweatshirt. Meanwhile, Maggie Q's stunt person is speeding through the crowded city streets on a motorcycle. A cute little Boston terrier named Yoshi greets the young woman as she comes in, whimpering for attention. The hooded man jogs across the street toward us. Motorcycle goes vroom-vroom. Mousy young woman who sort of reminds me of Amanda Plummer cuddles Yoshi. "You miss him, too, huh?" "Aroo," agrees Yoshi. Young lady sees a picture of her with her parents and flips it over in annoyance. Maybe she doesn't like them watching her kiss her dog. Yoshi begins barking frantically, but his mistress doesn't realize he's warning her about the hooded man just walking in through the door. At the same time, Nikita pulls up outside. She runs inside, gun at the ready, but the young woman is already dead. Faithful Yoshi whimpers by his mistress's side. Aw. Outside, Michael is driving away from the scene with the hooded man. The man pulls back his hood; it's Thom. He's obviously shaken but reports that he made "it" look like a robbery. Inside, Nikita finds the woman's work ID tag. She's Anna Harcourt, an intern for some government office. Nikita gently closes Anna's eyes. In the car, Michael tells Thom he's an agent now. Thom looks like he's going to vomit.

Later, in her fabulous loft, Nikita's chatting with Alex and chastising herself for not being fast enough to save Anna. Nikita thinks something is weird with the whole thing. She looks at Anna's ID and gets to hatchin' a plan.

Charm School. Alex finds Thom sitting outside her room, his face buried in his hands. He pulls himself together long enough to tell her he graduated. Alex realizes this means he's killed someone. He wants her approval, or at least her reassurance, but she's disgusted with him.

Back to the Loft of Fabulousness. Aw, Nikita has Yoshi! She cuddles him in front of the computer as she studies Anna's files. Her work info says she has a degree in Baltic-Slavic languages. It also says she's 25, which... no. Nikita asks Yoshi questions in Polish, Russian and Czech, the latter of which he responds to, earning multiple kisses from Nikita. She checks pictures from Anna's camera, most of which have her hobnobbing with the rich and powerful in DC. "Low-level intern," Nikita muses. "Why did they kill you?" She finds pictures of Anna in a bar with a handsome young man and uses the "geotag" feature to track the location.

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