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Spy Games

Birkhoff walks into Percy's office without entering a code or even knocking first. Percy regards him as a gnat flitting about his nose. "That target from yesterday," Birkhoff says. "She's still dead, right?" She just clocked in at work. They rush down to Ops to work their surveillance magic. The trace her key card and see Nikita getting off the elevator. Percy once more is perplexed as to how Nikita is in on this. Nikita makes her way to Anna's cubicle and starts searching through her files. A dweeby redheaded cubicle drone tries to hit on her but is lured away by another drone's promise of donuts. Mm, donuts. Nikita finds a note for Anna's OB/GYN appointment and calls the doctor, pretending to be Anna. The doctor tells her not to worry about her pregnancy-related nausea. (The pregnancy is news to Percy.) The doctor also says the results of the paternity test aren't in yet. At the same time, Percy is sending Michael after her and Birkhoff alerts security to Nikita's presence.

Nikita sees guards coming for her and goes into action. First she hides in plain sight by pretending to give the donut dweeb her phone number, then surreptitiously trades key cards with him. As she moves through the office, she builds a disguise. First she snags a pair of sunglasses from someone's desk, then a trench coat that happens to fit her perfectly. She knots her hair into a bun, then calls 911, saying she heard screaming from Anna's apartment. The guards follow her into a stairwell. Birkhoff gets an alert that police have been dispatched to Anna's address and realizes they'll do an autopsy and link the baby to the senator. Percy's not worried, as he has a backup plan. Meanwhile, Michael busts into a conference room, gun raised, but finds only the donut dweeb instead of Nikita. Michael finds the planted key card and tries to hide an impressed smile. He doesn't quite succeed.

Two cops enter Anna's suspiciously fabulous apartment but find nothing amiss. Outside, they find Roan wheeling a large trashcan to the curb. Taking him for a suburbanite, they ask him if he heard any screaming. Roan plays innocent while looking really, really evil.

Charm School. Tom is in his quarters, making a mess of his tie. Alex comes in and helps him. She apologizes for earlier as she knots his tie for him. "They said she was a security threat," Thom volunteers. "They wouldn't have put a hit on someone if they weren't sure." He's trying to convince himself as much as Alex. It's not really working. "She saw my gun and she didn't even scream," he says. "I just don't know why she didn't scream." He sounds like he's going to cry.

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