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Spy Games

Nikita pays a visit to Anna's parents. They seem like a perfectly chipper, middle-aged couple until Nikita informs them their daughter is dead. Incredulous, they try to call Anna but can't reach her. Why haven't the police called them? "The people who did this are above the law," Nikita says. She gently tells them that Anna was pregnant with Senator Jack Kerrigan's child. He had her killed to keep the affair quiet. Nikita asks them to get their daughter's prenatal paternity test to prove the affair. At the same time, she notices two family pictures on the mantel. The pictures are nearly identical, making Nikita a little suspicious, but not so suspicious that she notices Dad sneaking up behind her. He slips a wire around her neck and yanks hard. Mom grabs Nikita's hands, preventing her from fighting back. "We have to call this in," she says in Russian. "After we dump the body," Dad agrees, also in Russian. Luckily, Nikita doesn't need her hands to fight. All she needs is her big ol' head, with which she bashes Dad in the nose. She kicks Mom across the room. There's much guitar-driven fighting. At one point, Nikita turns a vacuum hose into a makeshift weapon and it is awesome. She kicks Mom into a glass table. Mom falls to the floor, a chunk of glass protruding from her belly. Dad knocks whacks Nikita with a vase. Surprisingly, this knocks her out.

She wakes up sometime later, tied to a chair. A new man enters the house, obviously pissed at Dad. "I thought she was FBI," Dad says. "But the way she fights... Look what she did to Irena." Irena, lying dead in the corner, is also pissed. The new guy, who looks like if Peter O'Toole and Timothy Hutton somehow had a baby together, chastises Nikita for making a mess. Nikita figures everything out for us: "So, Anna was spying on Senator Kerrigan, her parents were her handlers, and you work for Gogol." The new guy tries to make a Google joke, but Nikita knows Gogol is a Russian mercenary operation. Further, she recognizes him as Ari Taserov, a high-ranked member. She rattles off his resume, which includes working for the KGB. "You were my target once," she says. "In '06." "Division tried to kill me in '06?" he asks. Yes, but she didn't take the shot because Ari's young son was with him. Anna's fake Dad aims a gun at Nikita's kneecap, but once she tells them her name, they back off.

In a Division conference room, Percy and the gang are listening to a recording of Ari and Fake Dad's conversation, thanks to a wiretap. That Anna was a secret agent assigned to seduce and spy on Jack came as a surprise to Division. Thom is at the meeting, too, learning this for the first time. Percy assumes that Ari Taserov's next mission will be to terminate Jack. "We cannot let that happen," Percy says. Everyone but Michael leaves with their assignments. Percy seems genuinely concerned about losing not just a senator's influence, but a man he trusts. But he's still pragmatic: When Michael suggests calling off the meeting tonight, Percy refuses because their funding is at stake. "And you're convinced Ari's going to take out the senator?" Michael asks. "It's what I would do if I were him," Percy says. "It's the rules of the game." He actually looks sad.

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