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Spy Games

Nikita busts into the kitchen where Kerrigan is now being held. Only Thom is guarding him, so the fight is over pretty quickly. Once Nikita knocks him out, she finds the pill and swallows it. Outside, Michael listens in on Fake Dead Dad's headphones and hears Nikita with the senator. He orders his men back inside. Nikita has a gun on the senator. He blabs about Anna and the pregnancy and the killing, which is all neatly captured for posterity, thanks to Fake Dead Dad's monitoring equipment. Nikita peels out of her leathers, revealing a sleek little red dress. By the time Michael and the other agents get to the kitchen, Nikita has already joined the party with Kerrigan. Arm in arm with Kerrigan, she chats with some old-fogey senators, politely but sharply criticizing their politics. Michael joins them. "Senator," Nikita coos, "this must be the protection detail you told me about!" Michael gets sucked into a military discussion with the fogeys while Nikita and Kerrigan slip away.

Outside, Nikita pulls out her gun again and keeps it trained on Kerrigan. She gets into Fake Dead Dad's SUV, holding Kerrigan through the window as a shield so that the Division agents can't shoot her. Once she's far enough away, she shoves Kerrigan away from the window and makes her escape.

The next day, she revisits Anna's boyfriend at the bar. A TV broadcasts the news about the "leaked" recording of Kerrigan's dirty deeds. Yoshi comes running up to the boyfriend. "Custody of the innocent bystander goes to you," Nikita says. Even with many kisses from Yoshi, the boyfriend is sad to think that everything in Anna's life was a lie. Nikita assures him that he was real to Anna, that he reminded her of who she wanted to be. She doesn't go into another dead fiancé story, but you can tell she's thinking about it.

As Nikita leaves the bar, she finds Ari sitting in a parked car across the street. She walks up to him, unworried that he'd kill her in the open. He tells her he knows about Percy's black boxes and offers her Gogol's resources to take down Division. No deal. She knows that if they took down Division, Ari would just take over. "The bastard stepchild kills his father, then takes his place." Ari looks displeased. "Remember, I know where Gogol came from," Nikita says. Ari tells her Gogol will come to power regardless. "If it doesn't end with Division, when does it end?" he asks. "I'll let you know when I get there," she says with a smile. Ratings willing, she has a couple of seasons to figure it out.

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