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Shuffle, Then Deal

Previously on Work Is For Ugly Girls: The Axis of Skeevil resented being asked to work on their day off. Which, incidentally, was every day. They worried that the other women all hated them because they were beautiful. Even Heidi worried about this, because there are no mirrors in the Amazon. Eventually, the Axis connected with Deena to form a shaky alliance of four, but the alliance ran into difficulties when Shawna began to flag. Tambaqui, meanwhile, hit its stride, mastering the routines of camp (no, no, not in the John Waters sense) and battling to victory in a fire-building reward challenge that netted them a refrigerator full of empty calories and caused the show's dentist-in-residence to drop in a dead faint with floss tangled around his ankles. Still all twinkly with the flush of success, Tambaqui snagged immunity at PiranhaMania, leaving Joanna at the tender mercies of the Skeevil alliance, which refused to accommodate Shawna's requests to leave. Goodbye, Joanna. SNUFF!

Who will be voted out...tonight?

You know, whoever is in charge of promos at CBS might want to take care of the fact that just before this episode started, the teaser card that came up promised all-new episodes of, among other things, Survivor Thailand. Even they can't keep track of what the hell season this is anymore. I'm surprised the booming voice-over didn't say, "Watch that chubby naked guy! And that soccer player with the floppy hair!"

We swing down through the scenic Amazonian mist to find that once again, it is a lovely Jaburu morning. A flute tootles to remind us of the drama that has come before, and the whining yet to come, as this is only Day 13. The highlight of this morning sequence is that the cameras have managed to catch a bug actually crawling on someone's teeth while she's sleeping. Despite the fact that it's a close-up, it's damn hard at first to tell exactly whose teeth we're looking at. I think they're Heidi's. If they aren't, I'm pretending they are, because something inside me responds very positively to the notion of Heidi with bugs in her mouth. In fact, I think I've had that dream. Elsewhere, the bug-free Deanna is awake and working ahead of the team this morning, snapping branches with her feet and generally puttering around usefully. She explains in a voice-over that she feels like, following the departure of Joanna, she is now in control of the tribe. "I am alpha female, top dog right at this point in time."

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