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Undercover(extraneous "s")
ays no. OK, bye! We have a shot of each partner's face as they ponder their stagnation and standing offer of secret agent intrigue. The only thing that could lay this on any thicker would be if they had True Lies playing on the TV in the background. Espionage saves marriages.

It's daytime and Steven drives alone in his vintage roadster. He rides an elevator up to Mr. Shaw's office and starts laying down conditions for his return before Major Dad can open the door more than halfway. "Despite your tone, I will help you find Leo Nash, but only under specific conditions, the most important of which is that my wife can never know about my involvement. Ever. You understand?" Shaw opens the door all the way to reveal Samantha. Steven is sleeping on the secret agent couch tonight... which I guess is a submarine or something. Steven: "Hey, honey. Hey." Sam: "My wife can never know?" Steven would've told her at Christmas, apparently. Shaw already appears exhausted and asks if they're in or not. Please say no, please say no, please say no... They say they're in. Curses!

Back at The Undercovers Kitchen, the Blooms pore over secret documents in their little office which overlooks the kitchen proper and, you know... has walls made out of glass so everyone can see them poring over secret documents. No leads on Leo. What did they know about him? Without any leads, Sam can only come up with her personal knowledge that Nash had a safe house in Madrid. Steven lets his curiosity get the best of him and asks Sam how many operations she went on with Nash. The first question about their formerly exclusive pasts prompts Sam to ask if they're really going to do this. They wonder together if they can do this, the thing they agreed to walk away from five years ago so they could lead a normal life. "Maybe our normal life could use some excitement," Steven points out. True Lies! True Lies! They agree that they'll do this one operation in the name of finding their friend.

Shaw drives in his sedan and gets a call on his Bluetooth headset. Good Major Dad. Teach those values. Hands-free driving is the law in some states and saves lives. The Blooms are on the other end, making demands. They need a flight to Madrid and a field agent working the background for them. Done and done, says Shaw. The Blooms are visibly excited. Shaw deadpans, "I'm tingling," hangs up and dials someone else. The voice on the other end asks, "Do they seem to have any indication why they're really being reactivated?" Shaw: "None whatsoever." He hangs up. Keeping secrets: totally what a secret agent would do.

A postcard of Madrid morphs into a frame of our next scene. The Undercovers roll up in a shiny Mercedes. They check out Leo's safe house, going through every possible cabinet and document. They turn up a receipt from the day before he disappeared. It points them to Cafe Central. Sounds... central.

Staked out at the cafe: Ridiculous hat for Steven and aviator shades for Sam. These guys are good. They look around, discussing where they could find their best source of video surveillance for the area. They agree it would be from an ATM at an adjacent bank. A guy wanders into frame to ask in Spanish if they want a rose for Samantha. Steven waves him off, but the guy kneels down into frame with the most ridiculous thin fake moustache. "I'm not Spanish. At all. Except maybe a little on my mom's side. I'm Hoyt. Bill Hoyt. I'm your contact agent." And just like that we have our annoying sycophantic comic relief character. At least he's self-aware, though. "And I know I can be more sycophantic later, but what an absolute thrill it is to be working with you, Mr. Bloom!" Great. He goes on and on about how much he idolizes Steven and studied his file in training, going as far as to call Mr. Bloom a legend. Bill starts asking Steven about "the Senegal incident" in a very locker room tone of voice and Steven is obviously uncomfortable talking about this in front of Sam. Undercover Brother cuts Bill off to tell him he needs intel on the bank. Bill is on it. He just hopes he lives up to Steven's incredible standard. His words. He hands the rose he was carrying to Steven and leaves, but not before turning to Samantha and saying, "Nice to meet you, too," as an afterthought. Samantha's amused and curious about the Senegal incident, but irritated Steven wasn't going to buy her a rose. He hands her the rose. "Do you feel like breaking into a bank with me?"

Tardy title card. Like, seriously... We're fifteen minutes in. A montage of Bloom espionage plays within a giant CGI wedding ring, which becomes the capital "C" in "UnderCovers." Yup. Commercials follow.

In the bank, and in Spanish (including a nice touch of Spaniard lisp accents) the Undercovers try to convince the concierge that they are there to upgrade the security system. Sam blames the disconnect on fictional airhead Belicia and insists the guy can check with the central office. His call is intercepted by Bill who actually speaks pretty decent Spanish. He also blames Belicia and name-drops a guy named Mr. Torres, which strikes a chord with the manager. He shows the Blooms to the security server room. When he leaves them alone, they immediately hop to and crack into the video surveillance system to find the ATM camera. Just then, Mr. Torres happens to call the manager, who diligently informs his boss that the security upgrade is being taken care of. Security upgrade? What security upgrade!? We watch Bill eavesdrop in his surveillance Smart Car (seriously) with his mouth agape and eyes filled with terror. He immediately dials the Blooms. Meanwhile the manager guy is sprinting to the server room as the Undercovers begin recording a clip of Leo Nash making a transaction at the cafe. Sam answers the call from Bill telling them to get out of there. Just then, the manager opens the door to find... an empty server room. And we find ourselves watching a very Mentos-esque slow-motion escape of Steven and Samantha running through a very sunny back-alley with huge Colgate smiles plastered on their faces. The whole thing is so full of glee, I can't wait to buy Lea Michele's take on this scene on iTunes.

Back at Leo's hideout, Sam and Steven watch the recorded video of Nash while Bill incessantly offers Steven various cheeses. This guy is not going to get old. Sam spots something in the video. She enhances a small portion of a freeze-framed image which appears to be an upside-down logo. The three of them crane their heads in unison to make out the logo for Mareno Sastre which spins, righting itself and transitioning us from the image to the actual sign for the dry cleaners shop.

From across the street, Sam watches the shop owner through a monocular as the man locks up and leaves for the night. Sam accuses Steven of thinking they're really on assignment to capture Leo as a traitor, which he doesn't deny. Steven and Sam pick the lock of the back door of the dry cleaners. Steven feels the need to critique Sam's lock picking technique. Oh uh. Trouble in paradise. Steven's just frustrated that they're stuck doing this while Leo is probably "having the time of his life."

Cut to Leo getting punched in the face. He insists to his captor that he is done with the CIA and he wants out. He'd like to tell Slotsky that in person. The henchman isn't swayed. He walks around behind Leo's chair and breaks one of Leo's fingers. Leo sees he needs to offer up something here, so he tells the guy he has hidden a laptop in a train station in Madrid with part of the document they want. It can be found in locker 318. Leo's captor is intrigued.

The Undercovers go through the records in the dry cleaners and only turn up record of one appointment. Luckily, it appears to be the right one because it was an hour before Leo was at Cafe Central. It's for a blue pinstripe suit needed for the Cabrera wedding which will be in two hours. A quick background check reveals Cabrera is the daughter of the Spanish Defense Minister. There's no way they're just walking in the front door of this wedding. Sam calls Bill. "It's th

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