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Undercover(extraneous "s")
e wife of the man you love," she greets him. Classic. She tells Bill they need a flight ASAP.

Cut to Bill sprinting out of an Air Force cargo plane in a hangar as the Blooms drive up in their sedan. Bill apologizes profusely for the size of the plane, to which Steven and Sam just walk through him, saying it's fine. On the plane, The Undercovers argue over whether Leo would turn traitor or not as they prepare to jump out of the back bay door. Sam is so sure he wouldn't, but people change, says Steven. Not Leo, argues Samantha. How can she be so sure? She dated him, she says, as she leaps out of the plane. Steven turns to Bill to ask what she said. Bill repeats it so Steven can snap at him before leaping out after Sam. Bill calls after Steven to let him know he has perfect form. "You're nailing it!"


And Steven really was nailing it because both he and Samantha land effortlessly on their feet. He continues the conversation. Samantha claims the relationship didn't mean anything despite having dated Nash for eight months. The two are arguing with huge smiles on their faces. Steven keeps a smile as he walks off, telling Sam he'll meet her inside.

Inside the mansion, Steven walks around and grabs himself a glass of champagne while he speaks to Samantha through his virtually invisible earpiece. He stops and is genuinely stunned when he spots his wife walking into the room in a beautiful golden gown. All she can talk about is how expensive this wedding must've been. Steven spots the guy in blue pinstripes and snaps a photo of him with his cufflink camera. Yup. On the plane, the photo is instantly on Bill's computer where he runs a cross-check and turns up the guy's identity as Claudio Vega, a weapons trafficker linked to Alexander Slotsky. Vega starts walking in the direction of Samantha. She tells Steven she can get him if she employs "sexpionage." Oh brother. "What does sexpionage even mean?!" cries Bill over radio. It means the end of civilization. Samantha tells Steven just to be ready for a wireless transfer. She walks up to Vega and strikes up a conversation about the wine in his glass and opens herself up to being taken to the bar. "Somebody's a little too good at sexpionage," Bill remarks. Samantha walks off with Vega as Steven looks on.

Leo is negotiating with his captor again. He asks if he can call the guy Boris even though he has no idea if the guy's name is even Boris. Potential Boris is unimpressed with what he found on the laptop Leo had him pick up. There's only one page of the secret document. Leo promises the rest of the document if Boris is able to deliver Slotsky (mmm... deliver Schlotzsky's), as well as the pride of a job well-done and probably kudos from his boss. Potential Boris plays hardball. If Leo gives the rest of the document, Boris will bring Schlotzsky's. Leo caves and tells Potential Boris it's in Paris.

We're in the wine cellar at the wedding. After a little flirting, Sam is finally able to pry away Vega's phone and places a bug on it. Steven sits off somewhere secluded in the mansion with his laptop and continues to communicate with Sam and Bill as he tries to download all the files on Vega's phone, mocking Vega's flirtation. Vega's advance on Sam moves a little quickly and he undoes her dress, dropping it to the floor just as the download reaches 100%. Having been informed the download is complete, Sam immediately slaps Vega with no real provocation. "You went too far," she says. Claudio is stunned and utterly confused. He thought he was going to get laid. Samantha starts to put her dress back on while Vega stammers and calls her crazy. "Loco," she agrees and snaps her teeth at him before walking off.

Samantha has met up with Steven and they walk briskly side by side out through the reception as she describes how dirty she feels about what just happened. She asks if Bill is cross-referencing the info they've downloaded and Steven suddenly just freezes. He leads Sam straight to the dance floor without answering her questions of what's going on. "I want you to remember the last time we danced." Is he going to kill her!? Oh... he's just being romantic. Bo-ring. But as cheesy as the ensuing dance montage is, it really is an unbelievably sweet gesture from husband to wife given the circumstances. I wish my secret agent spouse would take time from tracking down MIA field agents to dance with me.

Back on the plane (How exactly did the Blooms get back onboard? Did they use skyhook like in The Dark Knight?), the Undercovers go through the data on Claudio Vega's phone until they find a phone call from Leo Nash which was placed in Paris. Off to the City of Light we go!

Postcard transition to Paris. The Undercovers end up on the rooftop where Leo was captured. After some cursory searching, Steven spots the pipe where Nash stashed the USB drive. It has a New York Yankees logo etched on it. As Steven reaches into the pipe, a gun is jammed into the back of his neck.


Back on the Paris rooftop, Steven is able to get the drop on the gunman. After a few punches, he separates the goon from his gun. When Steven goes for the gun, which is near the edge of the roof, he gets knocked over the side and hangs from the edge. The guy tries to step on Steven's hands, but Steven is able to pull out a knife and stab him in the foot, buying enough time to climb back up. He punches the guy and knocks him out cold. Sam comes up, completely oblivious to Steven's recent badassery. She asks if he's OK. "Better than that guy," he quips. She shows Steven that she found the little robot USB drive. "Oh. That's great, honey. That's awesome!" he says, giving her a thumbs up and big smile before collapsing.

Driving along in the Mercedes with the French thug handcuffed in the backseat, Steven talks with Carlton Shaw over the phone, who is pacing around his office in shirt, tie and boxer shorts. Shaw wants the Undercovers to turn in the thumbdrive to Langley and let the CIA handle it, but Steven is defiant. He thinks that's a waste of time when they can figure out what's on there themselves. Meanwhile, Samantha's phone rings and it's Lizzy, reporting there are all sorts of problems with some food for "the new Mrs. Finklestein." This guy works quickly. He's already re-married!? The henchman in the backseat of the Mercedes interrupts both phone calls to demand in French that they loosen his handcuffs. Samantha snaps back at him in perfect French, "Can't you see I'm on the phone?!" She turns back to her phone call and gives Lizzy some instruction. Shaw, on the other phone call, agrees to give the Blooms another 48 hours on the mission or they'll be detained. Steven to Shaw: "Thank you so much." Lizzy to Samantha: "Ugh, thank you so much!" Shaw to Steven: "Thank you so much."

A mousey nerd of a man pleads to Alexander Slotsky who is out of frame. We pull back to finally meet Schlotzsky's who looks like some sort of cross between Rod Stewart and Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner. His unflinching and menacing presence fills the foreground of this shot as he stares blankly into the camera and the pleading mouse man goes out of focus over his shoulder, obviously distressed. He had sent Petrov, the guy Steven encountered on the rooftop in Paris to retrieve the USB drive, but has not heard from him. Mouse Man asks for the opportunity to track Petrov down. Schlotzsky's says "OK," then turns and shoots Mouse Man. Emotionless, he turns to Boris and says, "Tell Mr. Leo Nash I'm ready to see him." That's good villainy.

Near Notre Dame de Paris, Samantha is beaming at how beautiful the city is. Steven takes her hand and tells her he has someone he wants her to meet. "Eight gigs, six levels of encryption," is his greeting in French to a rather portly man running a book stand. They exchange pleasantries and Steven introduces him as Henri to Samantha who regards him as the best crypto man in Europe. As opposed to the best crypto-fascist man in Europe... that

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