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Undercover(extraneous "s")

Leo and Steven hobble down a long hallway together like it's a three-legged race only they have guns drawn and they are firing their way through henchmen. Samantha gets the drop on a guy who is packing up a rocket launcher. She kicks him twice, breaks his arm and then kicks him in the face from under his arm before making off with his rocket launcher. That's exactly how my last girlfriend broke up with me, so please, give this guy your empathy. Leo and Steven, meanwhile, are almost at the end of that long catwalk when someone calls to them from behind them on the other end in Russian. It's a henchman with a rocket launcher. He fires it at them and they hit the deck with the rocket not even narrowly missing them. You know, if Schlotzsky's outfitted his henchmen with practical weapons, they could have this whole thing under control by now without breaking a sweat. Slotsky hops into a small SUV and takes off while Sam hops back into the little yellow car to pursue. The three-legged racers have made their way up onto a higher catwalk and so has the guy with the rocket launcher who fires yet another rocket at these guys. At least this one had a chance of maybe possibly hitting them or blowing some shrapnel at them. Maybe? In pursuit of Slotsky's Range Rover, Samantha pulls out her gun and begins firing out the window. Schlotzsky's pulls what looks like an MP5K sub-machinegun and fires out the rear windshield, nearly shooting Sam's face off. Sam's had enough of this near-face-losing shit. She looks down at the passenger seat at the rocket launcher she confiscated and begins arming it somehow while driving. Then, somehow she shoulders it out of the window, then somehow holds it steady enough to score a perfect hit, which somehow does not blow the car to smithereens, just flips it. Somehow.

Leo and Steven finally exit the building. Steven apologizes for doubting Leo. Leo apologizes for sleeping with Sam. Zing! Steven assumes Leo is lying about being sorry about that, and Leo confirms Steven is right. But just when you thought you'd seen enough rockets, that henchman bursts out through the door behind Leo and Steven and tries one last time. They both turn and shoot him, he screams like a little girl and fires the rocket straight up into the air. We cut to a shot of the rocket detonating in the sky like fireworks from the site of Slotsky's Range Rover's demise. Somehow, Slotsky is alive and crawling out of the wreckage. Samantha walks up to him. "Alexander Slotsky? Samantha Bloom." He spits at her. She gives him a swift kick to the face, knocking him out. Now that's what I call "swift justice." Mmhmm.

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