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Live To Ride, Ride To Live
What frustrated, middle-aged wage slave hasn't dreamed about a life of freedom on the open road? Almost none, as the otherwise inexplicable success of Wild Hogs demonstrates. Now Mark Burnett offers one lucky would-be biker the chance to live the dream. Starting from a Honda dealership in Encino, twenty amateur motorcyclists will embark on the road rally of their lives, following clues along a route that will lead them from roadhouse to sanitized-for-TV roadhouse as it crisscrosses the nation. At every stop, host Peter Fonda will kick over the bike of the last person to arrive and send him or her back home at the wheel of a school bus whose windows don't open. But it's all worth it for the chance to become a real-life easy rider, along with everything the winner needs to make it happen. At the finish line in Sturgis, South Dakota, Fonda will present the winner with one million dollars, a full set of leathers and helmet emblazoned with the L2R/R2L logo, a brand-new Honda, a lifetime's supply of hemorrhoid cream, and a divorce attorney on retainer.

House Arrest
Solving a murder is one thing. Solving a murder without leaving home is another. In the tradition of this year's hip Rear Window update Disturbia, a dozen would-be crime-stoppers are ensconced on one side of an apartment block facing the curtain-challenged "home" of actor Russell Crowe. Armed with nothing but their wits, one girl with freedom of movement whom all competitors must figure out how to share (Elisabeth Hasselbeck), and a dazzling array of high-tech surveillance equipment, players race to be the first to solve each week's crime. But what they don't know is that Crowe is receiving constant updates on each player's investigation, and if you get too close, he's coming after you. Crowe uses a phone-shaped club to "eliminate" the investigators week by week, one by one, until nobody is left but the "investigator" who was wise enough to mind his own damn business.

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