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Death By Coconuts

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Death By Coconuts

Jay's pretty bitter that Sean went back on his word during last week's Pirates Court. Jay calls Sean to a sit-down, where Sean apologizes for voting out Alexis instead of Cheryl the way Jay wanted. Jay tells us that Sean is dead to him now. Is neither of them going to bring up the $1,000 that Jay slipped Sean for his vote?

Nessa flirts with the guys, claiming it's part of her strategy. The other girls think this is a dumb strategy, since women currently outnumber guys on the boat. I tend to think that it's not a strategy at all, and that Nessa just likes flirting. Ben complains about Azmyth not being the tough disciplinarian that Joe Don was. Ben, of course, was one of Joe Don's officers, and thus is invested in the Joe Don regime. Also, he seems to think this is an actual pirate ship. Captain Azmyth is still persisting in pronouncing most of his words with his goofy fake accent, causing Laurel in turn to pronounce Azmyth a "weirdo." No argument here, especially when we see Azmyth going on and on about having "a conversation with God" before today's expedition.

When it's time to open a new compartment in the Chest of Zanzibar, Cameron tells us that this week's treasure was hidden by Henry Steel's master craftsman, who liked looking at his own reflection. Whatever could that mean. They pick teams in the usual way. The Black crew will be Azmyth, his officers Jupiter and Jay, Laurel, Christa, Cheryl, and Joe Don. The Red crew is Ben, Louie, Joy, Kendra, Nessa and Sean. Sean is bitter about the way the crews shook out, because he thinks he's the only one on his team worth a damn. Not that that makes him unique. As they hop into their separate longboats to row ashore, Azmyth interviews that he isn't nervous, because he plans to win. As they head out, Cameron narrates that the crews have to row to an anchor on the beach. The two crews are looking pretty even as they make landfall and head up the trail inland, but Azmyth is first to the sabotage point, which is a rockslide made of coconuts. A coconut slide, I guess you'd call it, which sounds to me like something that comes in a tall glass with a paper umbrella and a tiny plastic sword and which would make watching this show a great deal more enjoyable. As soon as all of the Black crew is through, Azmyth orders the trap sprung. Too bad for Joy, who's already had one knee injury on this show. The coconut slide comes down right on top of her. Maybe there should be a rule about not activating the sabotage in cases where the other crew is already there.

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