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Death By Coconuts

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Death By Coconuts

Jupiter talks to Jay about Louie's revenge Spottings, while a single tiny tear trickles down Cheryl's cheek. Jay talks to Joe Don, who admits to being nervous. "I would be too, bro," Jay says, adding that it's too bad for Joe Don that "the person who has it out for you is the Captain." Joe Don agrees, and Jay remarks that Joe Don doesn't have much chance of staying unless he wins the pardon. Jay, that's how you run up the bidding. Much better.

At Pirates Court that night, Joe Don, Cheryl, and Azmyth stand in the dock. Cameron gives his little weekly speech and asks Louie how he likes being Captain, after having been Spotted himself in the first week. Louie says he doesn't "like the blue suit," since now there will be grudges against him for putting people up. Cameron asks Louie why he Spotted the people he did. Regarding Azmyth, Louie repeats his philosophy that "the crew has a right to test their ex-Captain," and invites the next captain to do the same to him. As for Cheryl, Louie says the only reason she's up is because "she's associated with Joe Don." Which leads Louie to enter into his old rant about Joe Don keeping half the money for the first two expeditions. Cameron points out that them's the rules (although he says it's "The Pirate's Code," like, whatever), and asks if Louie thinks it should have been his money. Joe Don smirks as Louie just says that a Captain should be more fair with the money.

Now it's time for the Spotees to defend themselves. Azmyth goes up first, saying he's a man of his word and will continue pushing them on to more treasure all the way to the end. Cameron points out, "The reason you're not Captain is because your Black crew lost." Good point, that. Azmyth claims it wasn't a loss, and spouts off about how the memories and experience they gained were priceless, like one afternoon's scavenger hunt is The Amazing Race or something. Everyone shakes his or her head, like, "Could he just go back to doing the accent?" Cameron turns to Jay to ask what happened. Jay says that Azmyth was the only one to see the clue. Azmyth cops to that.

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