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Pirates, Guns, And Money

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Pirates, Guns, And Money

After everyone swims back to the ship -- including poor Joy, who has to climb up over the side with her injured knee in a bandage -- Sean blames Joy's injury for losing it for the Red crew. The Black Crew returns with a big vase full of gold coins and a key that will unlock the next compartment in the Chest of Zanzibar. They count up $45,000, half of which goes to Joe Don. He also gets the chance to pick two new officers, but he keeps the ones he has. That means Ben and Cheryl get to split a quarter of the total, and Louie is again unhappy. He'd like to cut them all adrift and have them "see the inside of a shark's belly." Harsh. The rest of the crew gets $2,250 each, and the crews are now dissolved, giving Joe Don the night to mark three pirates with the black spot, and Pirates Court will be the next night. There is no complaining from Azmyth, probably because he remembers what happened to John when he tried to claim too much credit for finding last week's treasure.

Down below, the crew bitches about the injustice of it all while Joe Don and his officers revel in their largesse, although he at least realizes that the crew is going to be unhappy. So he tries to smooth things over by handing down $200 each, which is worse than nothing. "How's your gold treating you, that you're sleeping on in your gold bed in your gold cabin?" Alexis interviews bitterly. Because if she were captain, everyone would be getting equal shares, right?

And then Joe Don calls in his Bosun, Jay, to bribe him with $2,000 to keep an eye on the crew. Jay doesn't seem too morally outraged. He boasts, "I got $2,000 that nobody knows about, and I haven't won a thing." Which is what being a pirate is really all about, he figures. Again: auto parts salesman.

Joe Don confers with Cheryl and Ben about who's going to get the black marks. We get to see very little of the discussion, although Joe Don does say it was a harder decision this time. We'll soon see why he was lying.

Out on deck, Cheryl and Ben pass out the summons, along with explanations to us that people were nominated for physical reasons. No strategy whatsoever. Thrilling. Spotted this time around are Kendra ("I'm not sure the captain cares for me that much"), Christian ("I'm not worried about it"), and Joy ("Being marked for the second time in a row made my confidence go way down, but you better watch out, because I'm still fighting"). Jay gets to work strategizing, making a case for getting rid of Christian. Meanwhile, Louie is back to fomenting mutiny, but he should really talk to someone besides Christian about that, seeing has how a mutiny vote has to be unanimous and all.

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