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The runner-up hooker was Scotty because his concept was cool, but they want him to structure it around an It Gets Better idea. Then Brian gets Top Hooker for the week, because his hook was like an entire song and it was beautiful.

Surprise! The MVP of the winning team will also get featured in Spin, which is a magazine that knows of such bands as Paramore and Kings Of Leon and other amazing finds like that. Or how AIDS doesn't actually exist. Or how to be so annoyingly Gen-X about everything that Pitchfork stops being annoying altogether.

Brian picks Jes, causing her to spaz intensely for some reason; he thinks it's because she understands the idea behind the song. Scotty chooses Sonyae because whatever gay whatever. Brian has the choice of taking Nick or shoving him to Scotty. Nick really wants to be on Brian's team because he wants to play with them, Jes notwithstanding, but Brian passes him to Scotty because he doesn't know how great Nick is in the room because he hasn't worked worked with Nick. Everybody else does, though, and Scotty yells at Brian for being stupid and giving him Nick.


Brian explains about how he is empowered and not a victim; Jes was once roofied and assaulted, so that idea resonates. They are really in sync about it, and it sounds like a really good thing for them both to explore. They're very respectful with each other's stuff, it's fairly devastating. They discuss getting people past their trauma, and then bring up P!nk as a person who is pop, but also does some intense rocking, and Jes thinks that will work. They wonder between themselves about which one should be on vocals, and decide on Jes.

Scotty explains how coming out works and how accountability is something that you miss out on when you're subject to the rules we put on women and gays as a society, until you come out and then become entirely responsible for yourself. Nick is down. Scotty gets very eloquent about the subject, actually, and about the detachment process that comes along with not putting yourself under the thumb of dumb rules like that. They talk about the lyrics for a while, and eventually elect Sonyae to sing.

Brian once again focuses on the track while Jes works on lyrics, and they discuss that as he continues to knock out the melody. Jes eventually gets annoyed because he is interested in lyrics to the point of ignoring her and only critiquing them when he notices her talking at all, which makes her feel exposed.

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