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It sucks because Jes was unprofessional about being unprofessional and because the only reason she hasn't handed them the same excuse six more times is because she's under the radar every week, but it also sucks because out of all of them I feel like we got to know Brian the least. He did the same thing every week, in terms of his actual working process, but his songs were a lot prettier and a lot more interesting than the people with the flashier personalities. Or the people who do nothing.

I get why this song was the one that sunk him -- it sounds like it could have been from any year in the last ten years, but I mean, so could Colby Caillat's songs be from any decade at all -- but they certainly proved their point that being dependable and talented is still not enough when you're going week by week and song by song. My Ridiculous, we salute you.

Next week: No more collaborations! Kara wearing intense matte lipstick and scaring everybody. Perez Hilton getting his Slimy all over everything. High school cheerleaders. Apparently everything, just everything.

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