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Everybody scampers around writing pop songs and talking about how everybody thinks writing a pop song is easy but the truth would actually freak your mind. That makes sense, this phrase "deceptively simple," especially to somebody like me who is so naturally wordy that I basically joined Twitter as a spiritual exercise.

And I was thinking about this earlier in the cab, like, "Edge Of Glory" is a fun and a neat song, but the part where she just goes I'm on the edge the edge the edge the edge the edge the edge sounds really dumb to me, and thus I am no Lady Gaga.

On the other hand, when you're a scintillating person like Nick or myself, everything mostly sounds like pop anyway, so once again I don't even know what they're really talking about. One is put in mind immediately, of course, of the poet William Carlos Williams, a rural doctor who wrote his poems on his prescription pad, which is why they're like that: Form and function, goldfish attaining their proper dharmic size depending on the tank, etc.

Jes: "I won the Billboard World Song Contest this year for Pop. So I know how hard it is, but I can also take comfort in the precedent that represents, where I wrote a song one time."

That: Is a relief. My latest theory was that she had murdered the real Jes Hudak and taken her place for the purposes of meeting Kara DioGuardi, but it's much more comforting -- inspiring, even -- to know she just doesn't care about this dumb show. Think about it though, who would be a more perfect assassin?

Nick: "My pop song is about four people who write songs, and one of them deserves flaming death and the other two are not as awesome as me. It is based on my biography."

Sonyae: "What I pack, Scott lacks. And possibly vice versa, I bailed out of making sense halfway through this thought."
Scotty: "I would appear to believe that Pop means singing through my nose and conceiving a child through a process that is called 'sodomy.'"
Lady Gaga: "I think that you are onto something."


Jes: "So See Through" is her hook. It is about how people are like so fake. Jes and Perez hate it. Also Nick hates it, I don't know if I needed to mention that.

Scotty: "DJ Have My Babies" is annoying and squirmy and not so romantic. While they like the hook itself, Perez thinks the concept is gross, because it is gross, and Jewel vomits. (Rainbows, but still.)

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