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Amber: "Kara said that my approach to collaboration reminded her of what a nurse might say. That's a compliment, nurses rock. Maybe I missed the point there. Maybe I'm just babbling because reality shows warp your brain for a few months afterward. Maybe I will go be a nurse now. Maybe I will spend some times crying in my canopy bed. Probably I will go back to singing in my preferred genre, Songs."

Next week: Love songs! Love songs about Johnny and nerds doing it with each other on a hairless hilltop, presumably, but also love songs from Sonyae about boys and feelings and pretending to be hardcore but wanting to be secretly loved, or love songs about the wolves in Hawaii being reincarnated, or love songs about how everybody hates Jackie but one day she will be loved. I don't know, it looks highly messy. This show kind of rules.

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